City, state and nationwide Holigent Peace and Sustainability Initiative would create large numbers of jobs, move the U.S. toward economic strength, fossil fuel independence, reduce the burden on governments, and leave a legacy of low-carbon, self-maintained, affordable, secure, and sustainable communities across America.

Transformative Societal Reconstruction
Building our future of universal quality of life in peaceful systemic sustainability

Our proposed Peace Offensive may provide the starting point for productive conversations about establishing a small department within the Pentagon dedicated to initiating and promoting a Peace Offensive in the spirit of the Holigent Peace and Sustainability Initiative. With its vast resources and global footprint, the Pentagon is perhaps the only institution in the world that, with the right dedication, could turn the course of global events away from a probable mutually assured destruction toward world peace and systemic sustainability.                                           

Mr. President,  Members of Congress,  Governors,  Mayors

Mr. Secretary of Defense, 

Please start a global Peace Offensive to avoid a nuclear world war

Please read the Open Letter

Please read: Peace Offensive

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Hey Young People,            

Your Bridge to your Future is falling down!

You got the world's attention by protesting. Good job! But politicians have no clue about creating a sustainable future. Now start a new kind of protest wherever you are:


Go demonstrate with a copy of the book Dear Billionaire in your hand, instructing politicians and other "grownups" how to build a better bridge to your future. Invite friends and strangers to snap a picture of the QR code to be transported to this site.

Get involved in building a happy bridge to your future. It will elevate your spirit.             


Dear Journalist,

You may have heard Sir David Attenborough’s warning at a UN Climate Conference: “If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon”.

Environmental events and humanity’s behavior around the world are telling us that the reality of the human condition is alarming. The convergence of multiple flaws in the human systems project hopelessness for our future. The 8 billion reproductive human population places a near-infinite demand on the finite resources of Earth, heating the planet and causing climate change; extractive techno-industrial, capitalist-consumerist military-industrial complex is spewing non-biodegradable and toxic waste poisoning mountains, rivers and oceans while depleting Earth’s life-support capacity. All along democracy in the US is on a slide toward fascism.

The three nuclear-armed superpowers are in a deadly competition for the diminishing resources; global socioeconomic stress is rising to dangerous levels; under such conditions, somewhere a stressed and twitchy finger sooner or later will push the nuclear button. In a nuclear holocaust of mutually assured destruction the lucky ones will die instantly, most will die a slow and horrible death in a radiation poisoned world.

Unlike undisturbed nature, our world is heading toward collapse and extinction without a self-correcting mechanism. If humanity is to avoid "armageddon", the correction must be initiated by a few fast moving brave and heroic individuals pioneering the way to build a better bridge to a peaceful and sustainable future before the window of opportunity closes forever. 

Who will be those brave and heroic individuals? Reading this challenge, you are in the best position to decide. Your action guide is the book Dear Billionaire.

Dear Billionaire

Did you see 15-year-old Greta Thunberg striking for her future?

Have you heard 90+ year-wise Sir David Attenborough at the UN Climate Conference? "If  we don't take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon."

Did you read The Uninhabitable Earth, the book by David Wallace-Wells?

I have, and my life has changed. I no longer wait for someone else to save our

future I decided to do it myself. It is a big job! Will you help?

With hopeful optimism,

A. Nicholas Frank                                                   

Founder, Holigent.Org                                 The "1%" Solution

Los Angeles, California

Your donation will be the seed from which a new order of

social, economic and environmental justice, quality and

systemic sustainability will grow.

Why is our bridge to the future falling down?

Why is reducing carbon emission not nearly enough?

The answers are in the book

Dear Billionaire


Holigent Yoga

Building a Better World, one individual at a time

Global socio-economic stress is feverishly high and rising. People are suffering and our planet is burning up. High global stress led to two world wars in the 20th century. Yet it is beyond the skillsets of politicians and their institutions to significantly reduce societal stress.

"If we don't take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon." — Sir David Attenborough at the 2018 U.N. Climate Conference.

You and I will take action to save civilization and the natural world. We need to reduce global STRESS. This can only be accomplished by reducing stress one individual at a time. Yoga does that best. Three hundred million people are already practicing yoga around the world. When yoga is coupled with activism, that is Holigent Yoga.

Holigent Yoga is physical, mental and spiritual exercise combined with activism that will reduce societal stress and elevate quality of life one individual at a time.                                                                                        

                                                                                             Your Holigent Yoga

   Becoming a Solutioneer you will learn to help the Naked Ape graduate from the Evolutionary Jungle and from the Techno-industrial Jungle and build a Peaceful and Sustainable World.

    You will learn to recognize the inverse relationship between stress and quality of life. This spiraling feedback loop is fueling feverishly high and rising global socio-economic stress that is depressing quality of life around the world and deteriorating world order. There is no existing cure for this condition. If left untreated it will lead to catastrophic collapse of civilization.

    Holigent.Org will advise individuals, organizations and institutions willing and able to set up and build experimental communities in search of ways of life compliant with nature's sustainability "code". Transformative Societal Reconstruction is a multi-generational program to nurture the rise of a new civilization (one community at a time) compliant with nature's true sustainability "code". In all, building a better bridge to humanity's future of universal quality of life, global peace and systemic sustainability.


                                                                                                                Find it all in

                                                                                                                Dear Billionaire

Why is global socio-economic stress feverishly high and rising?

Why is it that the last time global stress was as high as it is today, during the 1930s, it led to World War II?

How can we stop history from repeating itself?

Find out in Dear Billionaire

A. Nicholas Frank

Holigent Transition to Peace and Sustainability Org

Saving the World ;-) I used to mention with a smile and a wink — not any more. In my fifth book Dear Billionaire and on this website we talk about Saving the World seriously.

The problem with Saving the World is that it is a nebulous subject that is hard to grab. The purpose of this website and the Book is to put handles on the subject so that young and old, individuals, organizations and institutions can grab it. Collectively, then we can move the subject from a nebulous nowhere to a doable domain of the here and now.

                                                                  Good News, Very Good News —  HERE

Become a Holigent Peace and Sustainability Solutioneer

How to Prevent Nuclear Cold War from Going Hot


Complex Systemic Stress Reduction                                                   URGENT

The Proposed Department of Homeland Reconstruction

    The United States needs to make a historic decision similar to the one that aided Europe in winning World War II and helped reconstruct much of the Continent. This decision is to plant the seed and nurture Transformative Societal Reconstruction —  developing social, economic and environmental justice, quality and sustainability. This will require heroic efforts and the outlay of treasure, but no blood.

   The first phase of that effort is for Congress and the President of the United States to establish the Department of Homeland Reconstruction. This is to secure funding of experimental societal retrofit and reconstruction programs (one community at a time) to search and find ways to comply with nature’s building and sustainability code.

    All in a long-range program to reduce socio-economic stress around the world while building universal quality of life, global peace and systemic sustainability — securing life and wellbeing for people, our planet and for the natural world.    


Dear Billionaire  —  A summary of near 50 years search for answers.

Holigent RECONSTRUCT America, Europe, the World — An action guide.


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Cosmic Glass Ceiling?

Yes, and it is crushing us! First I want to remind you that the stone, bronze and iron ages are behind us. In this 21st century humanity entered the age of hyper complexity, so don't be surprised if things get complicated. I promise to talk in plain language.  Nature was able to perfect its craft here on Earth as evolution progressed from inorganic to organic matter and continued to evolve life forms from simple to complex animals. Nature was able to perform this near-magic for billions of years because none of the creatures talked back. That changed when the naked ape received free will. From there on, do-as-I-please humans talked back and in a couple of industrialized centuries (a blink on evolution's time scale) brought civilizations and much of the natural world to the brink of collapse and extinction. Evolution seems to hit a glass ceiling... 

                                                                                                            More on Glass Ceiling