City, state and nationwide Holigent Reconstruct America programs would create large numbers of jobs, move the U.S. toward economic strength, foster fossil fuel independence, reduce the burden on governments, and leave a legacy of low-carbon, self-maintained, affordable, secure, and sustainable communities across America.

America, Europe, theWorld
one community at a time to achieve Peaceful Systemic Sustainability
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Connect the Dots for Societal

Innovation and Reconstruction

There is a pervasive threat lurking all around us that hardly anybody talks about in any meaningful way: Disconnect. Our culture of disconnect is the greatest and most immediate threat to life, wealth and civilization. There will be no separate solution for the environment, or for the economy or for sociopolitical order or for peace. All are pillars and critical parts of our bridge to the future; if any one part fails our bridge will fall. It is humanity’s existential challenge to connect the dots for systemic solution to survive and thrive.

Dear Billionaire

Have you heard?  “The collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon”

                                                                     Sir David Attenborough

                                                                     At the UN Climate Conference

Our proposed Peace Offensive may provide the starting point for productive conversations about establishing a small department within the Pentagon dedicated to initiating and promoting a Peace Offensive in the spirit of the Holigent Reconstruct America, Europe, the World. With its vast resources and global footprint, the Pentagon is perhaps the only institution in the world that, with the right dedication, could turn the course of global events away from a probable mutually assured destruction toward world peace and systemic sustainability.                                           

Activists!Prepare to join the Road Trip across America and learn to become a Holigent Solutioneer

Walk, run or drive to meet up in Washington DC. The signal to start the Road Trip is the onset of the next recession.

Mr. President,  Members of Congress,  Governors,  Mayors

Mr. Secretary of Defense,  Please start a global — Peace Offensive

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US - China


The proposed US - China cooperation would be a nonpolitical Holigent Solution to avoid conflict and plant the seed to secure global peace and systemic sustainability for future generations.

Please read the Open Letter

Please read: Peace Offensive

Please read the Open Letter

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Since the rise of the modern environmental movement, half century ago, massive evidence has been accumulating about the unsustainability of business-as-usual human conduct on our planet. The window of opportunity for us to change course will remain open only for a short time.

Grab the wheel of history and give it a turn. Become part of societal reconstruction movement.

Holigent Race Against Time

to build an

International Sustainability Campus

near Budapest, a replicable model of societal reconstruction for a future of

Peaceful Systemic Sustainability

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