Peace Offensive  

Open Proposal to the United States Department of Defense

Subject: A proposal to launch a global Peace Offensive for securing peaceful systemic sustainability for a progressively widening circle of humanity.

Mr. Secretary of Defense,

As we all know, a relatively stable bipolar world of the Cold War is being replaced by a chaotic multi-polar world in which unstable entities also possess nuclear weapons. Let's remember that in 1945 the world had one nuclear power, the United States, with two ready atom bombs; both were dropped and detonated. Today the world has 9 known nuclear powers with an estimated total of 14,000 nuclear weapons.

We need to do the math on probabilities and remember to factor in several critical considerations; one is that in a nuclear confrontation the perceived winning option is first strike. The other is the inclination of humans in a high stress situation to turn on primitive "reptilian" responses and turn off critical thought process (an evolutionary legacy). A further consideration for calculating the probabilities for a nuclear world war is the introduction of new technologies. High speed weapons, artificial intelligence and directed energy beam weapons are overtaking human command and control capacity, leading to out of control complexity.

On the other hand, the reason why there is no need to get tedious about attempting to calculate the probability of nuclear world war is that a 1% probability in the next 20 years, or near 100% in 50 years all amount to the same. Namely, we would have failed to secure a peaceful habitable Earth for future generations. The important thing, I believe, is to remember that we are the pivotal and last living generation who has the option to work on the awesome project to secure a peacefully sustainable future for the living and the yet unborn generations.

I ask you to give important consideration to our reality in which no military solution exists for failed political economies that lead to human misery and social disorder. In an increasingly unstable world business as usual is leading us to unresolvable conflicts and near certain mutually assured destruction. Realize also that there is no solution offered by existing concepts and institution. As Albert Einstein once suggested — A problem cannot be solved by the same mindset that created it.

In the following I briefly outline a truly "outside the box" proposal for a game-changing solution. It will require a brave leap out of existing comfort zones into a grand socio-economic experiment.

The Holigent Peace and Sustainability Initiative proposes cellular societal reconstruction. It is to begin with an experimental project to demonstrate how an all green, mixed-use, live/work, pedestrian, compact urban village with hybrid economy and social contracts would secure economic, social and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability for all its participants even during severe downturns of the general/global economy.

As our world drifts toward the dark scenarios, the Holigent Initiative will serve not only as a pacifier of the disillusioned and angry but also as a beacon calling on all to direct their attention and energies toward a well-reasoned non-political socio-economic experiment away from business as usual toward peaceful solutions in societal reconstruction for systemic sustainability.

Such solutions would secure employment, housing and quality of life for its participants. If the successful experiment were replicated and expanded to national scale and beyond, collective socioeconomic stress would remain dormant and prospects for lasting peace would be elevated. When in time such societal reconstruction is seeded and nurtured around the world, global peace and true sustainability would open the possibility for all humanity to survive and thrive on this rare and breathtakingly beautiful planet Earth.

Taking the step of retrofitting a small part of the vast Pentagon from war-making to peace-building would be a very smart move.  A Peace Offensive could effectively be conducted on foreign land. Remembering that twice in the 20th century Europe was the flashpoint of world wars, Budapest would be a smart landing point in the center of the Continent for the Holigent Peace Offensive.

When the demonstration project is successful, the budget for the Peace Offensive is to be increased. For example, 1% of the DOD’s yearly budget could fund the construction of 10 to 12 full-scale Holigent Compact Urban Villages every year across America, Europe and beyond. Such developments are non-political solutions to reduce socioeconomic and geopolitical tension and stress. For that reason, it is safe to assume that non-democratic systems would also welcome such development, as it would create islands of much needed stability.

The Budapest project could effectively demonstrate that Holigent developments in Russia, among other places, could create true socioeconomic stability and security at a fraction of the cost compared to Westward expansion and its risk of collision with NATO and the U.S.

The above is a rough sketch of an idea that may provide the starting point for productive conversation about establishing a small department within the Pentagon dedicated to initiating and promoting a Peace Offensive in the spirit of Holigent Societal Reconstruction in Europe and beyond. With its vast resources and global footprint, the Pentagon is perhaps the only institution in the world that, with the right spirit, could turn the course of global events away from probable mutually assured destruction toward world peace and systemic sustainability. 


A. Nicholas Frank

Founder and CEO

Los Angeles CA

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