Your Holigent Yoga



Holigent Yoga illuminates the reality that practicing yoga as usual in our climate changing, conflicted, war-torn and nuclear armed world is like practicing yoga in a burning house.

Holigent Yoga is simply practicing your favorite yoga combined with activism that will extend the short-term benefit to long-term quality of life in peaceful systemic sustainability. Learn all about that in the book Dear Billionaire: We can Save the World Now or Never.

Activism begins with you taking breaks several times during the day doing simple exercises: bending, twisting, stretching, deep breathing and anything else that feels refreshing. Create your own routine and remember to have a smile on your face all along.

Why do this? Because our body and brain chemistry developed in the evolutionary jungle millions of years ago where the process of hunting and gathering were essential movements for maintaining life. Today we spend hours and days in front of our computers where our only body parts enjoying movement are our fingers. That is not enough! The internalized stress we accumulate individually is a factor in nearly all physical and mental illness; collectively, stress makes societies sick, conflicted, dysfunctional, angry and violent.

Why smile? Research tells us that even a fake smile improves brain chemistry; smile and laughter produces endorphins, the good chemistry, displacing the chemistry of stress.

Elevate your activism by inviting others into your Holigent Yoga sessions; take it into your workplace; carry your copy of Holigent Yoga Workout-book and/or Dear Billionaire book to your yoga class and your workplace visibly. Allow friends and strangers to snap a picture of the QR code that will take them to the Holigent website to learn more.

By word of mouth and social media, invite friends, family, neighbors, strangers and politicians to visit 

Urge U.S. Congress to establish the Department of Homeland Reconstruction to fund societal retrofit and reconstruction projects to reduce socioeconomic stress and build a future of peaceful sustainability.

Continue creating visibility and buzz about Holigent Yoga and the Book. Eventually, Billionaires will take notice. They think outside the box and have the means to build Transformative Societal Reconstruction experiments planting the seeds of universal quality of life, global peace and systemic sustainability.

Spread the awareness and promote the movement of reducing global stress one individual at a time within and beyond yoga studios. When you do, you are planting the seeds of a future of universal quality of life, global peace and systemic sustainability.

Holigent ® is a registered trademark • Alliance to Retrofit America™ • Copyright © 2010, 2015  A. Nicholas Frank