A Winter Solution for Europe

H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction


A Holigent Winter Solution for Europe   by A. Nicholas Frank

Much of Europe is looking to the coming winter of 2022 with anxiety; Inflation, food shortage, homes without heat, and war in Ukraine that can spill over and even escalate into nuclear conflict — weighs heavy on peoples mind.

This is particularly dangerous in our world that is already on edge, suffering from global warming, climate change, pandemic and feverishly high global socioeconomic stress.

Stressed and anxious people are angry people. One angry person is likely to start a fistfight; many angry people may spark civil disorder and drift toward fascism, and nations full of angry people make war.

The mission of Holigent.org is to work toward lowering individual and collective stress in our world by finding ways to improve quality of life, reduce inequality and advance peaceful systemic sustainability.

This brings me to the subject of Holigent Winter Solution for Europe. Many Europeans will shiver and freeze in heir homes because in addition to the high price of everything, heating fuel will be unaffordable. Here is a solution.

Rearrange your home and make space to set up bunk bed-and-desk arrangements. Invite shivering members of your extended family, also students and borders. While they work, study and sleep in their desk-bunk arrangements they make better use of vertical space in your home as they help pay the heating bill. The arrangement will provide some comfort and social support allowing life to function under dysfunctional socioeconomic conditions. Europeans must make heroic efforts to search and find functional, peaceful solutions to avoid drifting toward the sequence of events like occurred during the 1930s, the last time global collective socioeconomic stress was as high as it is today.

Holigent.Org will facilitate Winter Solution Experiments in Budapest and will share the results.

                    $250 will buy a simple loft bed with desk

                    $500 will buy a loft bed with desk and storage.          Please donate

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