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China - America


The diplomatic purpose of President Nixon's 1972 visit to China was to end a 25-year isolation between the two nations and to gain leverage over the Soviet Union in the Cold War struggle.

However, the long-range economic consequence was unexpected. While the US would have preferred to open the potentially vast Chinese market for American products, the Chinese learned American know-how with surprising speed and proceeded to beat America at its own game.

For most of the past four decades, massive cargo ships loaded with affordable and reasonably good quality products "Made in China" headed to American harbors, while empty containers carrying the ghost of lost jobs headed in the other direction.

The cumulative result is the massive wealth transfer from West to East that made China rich and America considerably poorer. China is not satisfied with that gain but is using its new wealth to exploit raw materials around the globe, exercising heavy-handed "sharp power" in the US and elsewhere in the Western world, and aggressively expanding its military might.

There are at least two serious problems with this new version of state-capitalist imperialism. One is the now scientifically confirmed reality that Planet Earth is running out of life-support capacity and will not sustain such high consuming-polluting human activity. The other is America's rising unhappiness with China's aggressive economic and military expansion as many Americans' quality of life slides from richness toward poverty.

There is a lesson to learn from history and understand where such massive disruption of wealth and dislocation of global balance may lead. It occurred during the 1930s as the Great Depression raised global socioeconomic stress to tipping points. It so happened that Germany, Europe's technologically advanced nation, suffered a political nervous breakdown as the tipping point of collective unhappiness turned to a flash point that resulted in World War II.

In a future global downturn in which economy and trade (the glue that binds US - China relations) break down, tipping points of collective stress and anger will likely turn to flash points, resulting in probable nuclear confrontation and war.

There is a relatively simple and inexpensive remedy proposed here to change track, away from such dark scenario, toward a hopeful and happy destination. In the proposed remedy China would repatriate a small portion of the wealth that moved from the West to the East in the form of monetary gifts to American nonprofit organizations, dedicated to the concept of Holigent Solution, in a collaborative effort to Reconstruct China - America relations.

The essence of the concept is to engage Americans in constructing Holigent Villages with hybrid economies and social contracts to secure their quality of life. This would direct anger away from China and defuse the potentially explosive collective socioeconomic stress. It would invest Americans' energies into building a new Holigent (holistic-emergent) spirit in a US-China collaborative arrangement. The new arrangement would construct Holigent Villages pursuing synthesis of socioeconomic and environmental solutions across both nations.

China would be praised for funding Holigent Projects, and US-China relationships would proceed on a new track with friendly collaboration. The US-China cooperation would form the base of a global nonpolitical program expanding the Holigent Solution to secure peaceful systemic sustainability for future generations.  


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