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H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction

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 But, first we need to understand our big puzzle before we can construct a sustainable world.


Consider that in a climate-changing and broken world there are many hungry and angry people.  An angry person will sooner or later start a fight. Many angry people will ignite urban riots, and nations full of angry people make wars.


A 21st-century big war is predictably programed into the world of high-stressed collective human behavior on this overcrowded, conflicted and nuclear-armed planet. The question is, will the next world war turn nuclear? This you may be able to answer.


Remember that in 1945 the United States was the only nuclear power with two ready atom bombs — both dropped and detonated. Today there are nine known nuclear powers with an estimated total of 14,000 nuclear weapons. Do the math in probability for Mutually Assured Destruction and remember to factor in that in a nuclear confrontation, the perceived winning option is first strike. In a 21st-century nuclear world war, the lucky ones will die instantly. The survivors will suffer horrible, slow deaths in a radiation-poisoned world.


Human civilizations have been searching for a societal organizing system for millennia, one that can secure peace and wellbeing. All they found so far are conflicts and wars.

True, parts of humanity found democracy and capitalism that brought a few decades of material comfort — at a high price. Capitalist consumerism is depleting Earth’s life support capacity at an industrial rate. Unexpectedly, the converging complexity of life, society, climate change and pandemic is overwhelming democracy’s societal organizing capacity. We must urgently come up with a higher capacity societal organizing system to save humanity, the treasures of civilizations and the natural world.


Here we begin a well-reasoned search and I promise you, we will find the elusive societal organizing system that will, when diligently pursued, secure universal quality of life and peaceful systemic sustainability.


Human history offers no solution. We have to look to Nature for answers; the success of billions of years of evolution from simple to complex holds the secret. We need to learn natures building and sustainability code and follow the model as closely as humanly possible.


You need to go no farther than your own body to find answers. Cellular networking forms your organs and collaborating organs sustain your life. In other words, the heart beats for the heart and for all other organs, the lung breathes for the lung and for all the other organs and so on. In a sentence: one for all and all for one without conflict.


The other big puzzle piece is how we can sustain life for countless humans for this and the many generations to follow ours?


Here is the way nature solved this puzzle. Every individual of every generation of all species make their flesh, leavings and remains available as food and resource for other living organisms. It is total recycling without waste that has worked for billions years and made evolution of life on Earth a success. Natures frugal economy in a sentence: Do the essential most with the least of resources without waste.


There is still a difficult puzzle piece we have to deal with. It is our evolutionary legacy of aggression, our predictable bad behavior under high stress. In the dangerous world of the evolutionary jungle, where every critter was food for some other critter, survival depended on split-second action. Fast reflexive action had higher survival value than slower thought process.


Our fight or flight neuroendocrine stress arousal system served our species well in earlier times, it is killing us now: high stress compels modern human into fast reflexive reptilian” action with diminished critical thought process, leading to predictably bad behavior.


Our destructive stress and aggression pathology cannot be surgically removed. Our only option is to keep collective socioeconomic stress dormant. That can be achieved by securing universal quality of life. Holigent Villages and similar Communities that are compliant with natures building and sustainability code can achieve that.


We still have to solve and put in place the last big puzzle piece and answer the question of why humans insist on practicing old habits making mountains and oceans of non-biodegradable and toxic waste depleting Earths life support capacity.


That old habit puts us on the expressway to extinction, unless we enroll and diligently attend a new kind of training Campus. There we could learn new skills building communities or retrofit exiting ones to comply with natures building and sustainability code.


Remember that protest, urging politicians to solve the problems, has a problem of its own because politicians suffer from the ailment of myopic thinking, focused on election cycles.


Solving the problems of climate change and sustainability requires long and deep thinking across generational cycles.  Albert Einstein summed it up brilliantly: A problem cannot be solved by the same mindset that created it. So, we have to step outside the old box and come up with new concepts. I propose Holigent (coined from holistic-emergent) societal reconstruction to comply with Natures building and sustainability codes.


For that, we need to rearrange the ways we live, work, commute, produce, consume, educate and govern ourselves in the interest of securing peaceful socioeconomic order while protecting Earths life-support capacity. The existing societal infrastructure cannot accommodate that. This is the reason we need to reconstruct or retrofit society, a community at a time.


The project may begin as a Holigent Sustainability Campus, a learning and training center that will be nurtured and enlarged to become an experimental and demonstration Holigent Village. Such a community will demonstrate societal reconstruction that follows natures sustainability codes maintaining Earths life support capacity. It will also create socioeconomic resilience, quality of life and true systemic sustainability. Accordingly, a Holigent Village will be a cellular, live/work, all green, pedestrian community with hybrid economy and social contracts:


Cellular, meaning: Human scale, non-sprawling, self-directed and self-replicating (reinvesting their income in constructing new communities). Compliant Communities are not vertical command structures but rather horizontal networking arrangements with other community cells.  


Live/work, that is: The human scale community contains living and working spaces so that people live within walking distance of their jobs.


All green, meaning: Structures are built to comply with the latest green technology. The community generates most or all its renewable electric power; grows a significant portion of its fruits and vegetables in vertical farming and does all its reclaiming and recycling.


Pedestrian aspect means it will be a Human-scale, all-walkable garden-like community with minimal use of mechanical transport.


As for the Hybrid Economy: The Holigent Delta Plan is a three-way agreement between participating employers, employees and the nonprofit management organization of the community. Employee-residents' number of hours worked at their job versus in community service is variable. This provides a flexible arrangement that works to secure continuity regardless of the condition of the general/global economy. For example, in a worst-case scenario of an economic recession, employers may go into a dormant state rather than shut down, and their employees go on unpaid furlough instead of being laid off. Furloughed employees then work additional hours in community service, earning community credit that will pay part or all their housing costs and provide life's essentials. Thus business investments are protected and employeesessential quality of life is secured.


Social Contract: Part of the Holigent Delta Plan calls for each resident to commit a certain number of hours regularly doing community service for which they earn community credit that can be applied to reduce the cost of their housing. Community service work can range from physical and social maintenance to participating in construction of new Compliant Communities. The Social Contract is a component of the proposed hybrid economy that works to elevate quality of life to become the essence of societal treasure and value exchange, diminishing the role of money.


How do we make all that happen?


A Holigent Sustainability Campus will be a kind of Urban Village where you can live, work and learn to build a future of universal quality of life and peaceful systemic sustainability. It is a skill, like riding your bicycle. You cannot learn that from books alone. It is hands-on learning that you need to practice as you live it.


However, before you can move into a Holigent Campus to live, work and learn your new skills of building a peaceful and sustainable future, we need to buy or build the facility to house the Campus. The Holigent Campus nonprofit community must own the properties it occupies so that it can deliver the quality of life promise instead of paying mortgage to banks.


Private solution

We can overcome this hurdle by convincing the wealthy 1%” that the Holigent Sustainability Campus and its product, Compliant Societal Reconstruction, is the ultimate life, civilization and wealth preservation portfolio wealthy individuals would want to support.


If you are a wealthy person you can build a Compliant Sustainability Campus yourself or team up with other wealthy individuals or organizations to build such a community. When the construction of your Community Campus is complete, install on the façade a reminder that sums up the peace and sustainability spirit. It reads:


One for all and all for one,

doing the essential most

with the least of resources,

without conflict and without waste


Public solution

The other solution is convincing politicians that an angry, post-pandemic, and economically depressed population on our polarized, climate-changing and nuclear-armed planet is not a good mix — realizing also that the convergence of complexities has outpaced the capacity of business-as-usual politics to solve the complex problem of building and managing a peaceful and sustainable world.


To build such a future and to head off a probable nuclear world war, instead of escalating tension, politicians in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere, need to get off their honorable aaassets and do some serious thinking and decision making outside the box.

In the U.S., Congress needs to understand that the magnitude of the challenge the U.S. is facing equals some multiple of the challenge and cost of winning World War II.


To win a peaceful and sustainable future, the U.S. action plan will require establishing a Department of Homeland Reconstruction. The Department would facilitate, among other projects, a Global Peace and Sustainability Initiative. The Department would provide public funds to build experimental Compliant Communities with hybrid socioeconomic arrangements. The successful experiments will then be expanded to national scale and beyond.


The upside is that building Holigent Villages and many similar Compliant Communities across America would provide countless jobs and secure homes. Unlike war-spending, such communities become income producing and self-sustaining beyond the initial investments. Holigent Villages and Compliant Communities would provide jobs and shelters to the homeless as well. The Holigent Peace and Sustainability Initiative would also end homelessness.


On the European continent, we propose that somewhere in Central Europe, nations and the European Union participate in building an international village, a permanent world exhibition to demonstrate the social, economic and environmental advantages of compliant communities. In the interest of that project, we are establishing a nonprofit organization in Budapest to develop the Holigent Sustainability Campus, planting the seed of Europe becoming the cradle of resilient world peace and systemic sustainability.


When the Global Peace and Sustainability Initiative projects a bright beam onto many parts of the world it will project ahead a high beam of hope, even before it arrives.


When it arrives to troubled parts of the world, Compliant Community construction will provide jobs, hope and purpose alternate to becoming refugees, migrants or terrorists.


When it arrives to nondemocratic countries such as Russia and China, but without politics or ideology, it can create much needed social stability that even authoritarian rulers may value. If they do, the stress and tension level of the world would lower and may significantly reduce the probability of global conflict and war.



I ask you all to think hard how you could take part and promote the Peace and Sustainability Initiative. Please pass on this link to everyone you know. Urge politicians and wealthy individuals and corporations to participate in this project. Congress establishing a Department of Homeland Reconstruction is a pivotal part of this proposed solution. Therefore it is critical that all of us write signed letters of petition to our representatives. Send the original to their Washington DC offices and a copy to their local offices.

Students, Inquire about doing internship at Holigent.Org

Volunteers, Help organize and promote Petitioning Congress to set up a Department of Homeland Reconstruction for building a future of peaceful systemic sustainability.

Activists, Please spread the concept and the link to Holigent.Org within your organization to promote the Holigent Petition. 

If you are a wealthy individual or corporation you could take a leading part in the Global Peace and Sustainability Initiative. Perhaps you could team up with others, or be my partner at Holigent.Org.


We owe it to each other and the generations to follow ours to plant the seeds of a resilient and peacefully sustainable future.

Remember we are in a race against time to survive and thrive on our irreplaceable and amazing planet Earth.


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This is the state of our world today!

Conflicted, fragmented, broken, not sustainable.

You and I will put the pieces together, solve that puzzle and come up with a clear and doable action plan for building a future of universal quality of life and peaceful systemic sustainability.

Holigent Peace and Sustainability Initiative