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a) Capitalist consumerism places a limitless demand on the environment that is depleting our planet’s life support capacity, thus killing people and our planet.

b) Capitalist consumerism accelerates wealth inequality, which gives rise to extreme politics and violent social disorder.

Much of Earth will soon be too wet, too dry or too violent. Global warming will disrupt food production and transportation, and will add millions of climate refugees to the existing desperate flow of political and economic migrants. This will uproot political order even in Europe and America.

In 1945 there was one nuclear power in the world (America) with two ready atom bombs — both dropped and detonated. Today the world has nine known nuclear powers with an estimated total of 16,000 nuclear weapons. Do the math in probabilities, and remember to factor in that the perceived winning option in a nuclear confrontation is first strike.

Know Your BERGS

Planet Earth is a crowded place, occupied by an estimated 8.7 million species, each with billions of individual members. But from the sustainability point of view, the impact is far greater, because each generation is replaced by a new one. Over time a near infinite number of organisms demand life support from the finite resources of Earth — impossible to sustain. How is the impossible made possible? Mother Nature made sustained multigenerational life on our planet viable under one strict rule:

During their life and at death, each generation of all species returns to Earth reusable all the resources it consumed. In other words, every organism's flesh, leftovers and remains are fully another organism's resource — without trash. In a sentence: Do the essential most with the least of resources without waste.

Recently, on the evolutionary time scale, the human species came along with a bad habit: leaving behind mountains and oceans of indigestible and toxic waste that no plant or animal can use. The mission of the Holigent Solution is to change that, because Mother Nature's punishment for such misbehavior is the termination of the offending species.

Know Your


This needs urgent examination because there is no off the shelf replacement to secure peaceful human dignity. In these early decades of the twenty-first century we find ourselves in heavy fog obscuring our vision to see what the coming decades hold for us. We suspect an era darker than the Dark Ages is descending on humanity. Our existential challenge is to invent and implement an updated form of democracy with a hybrid socioeconomic arrangement that can integrate modern complexities and secure universal quality of life. 

We no longer have the luxury to chase mirages of attractive ideologies and irrational fantasies. In the little time we have left we must engage in advanced thought process outside the comfort zones of business as usual. It goes as follows:

According to science our cosmos was born some 13 billion years ago from seeds in the near nothingness of cosmic vacuum and evolved from the simple and homogeneous to complex matter. From such matter, simple life emerged and evolved to the diverse present.

Two major processes govern all this: The evolutionary rise of complexity and entropy. The two are working against each other and the winner is determined by: self-organizational capacity. While abstract and nearly impossible to quantify, it is nevertheless logical. If the rising complexity of any system is accompanied by a commensurate rise of self-organizational capacity (enough glue to hold all the parts together) — evolving complexity wins. If the rise of complexity of any system outpaces its self-organizational capacity (not enough glue to hold all the parts together) — entropy wins. Entropy is an instrument of natural selection; in a sense, it is Mother Nature's terminator of unfit systems.

This brings us back to democracy. The rising complexities of twenty-first century life on our planet are outpacing the self-organizational capacities of all tried and tested societal organizing systems, including democracy.

As this author has searched for solutions during the past four decades, societal complexities have raced ahead. Now we have to factor into any true solution the environment, climate change, the rapidly diminishing life-support capacity of our planet, the extreme inequality created by the global economic model and the consequent rise of collective socioeconomic stress — the spark that ignites and fuels conflicts.

The proposed Holigent societal reconstruction would facilitate a hybrid renovation, a not radical but significant update for democracy and capitalism. It would greatly increase the collective capacity to create social, economic and environmental justice, quality and sustainability.

We urge private and public donations to the Holigent Seed Project. When funds arrive we would build an experimental campus to teach and demonstrate a hybrid socioeconomic solution toward a future of quality of life in peaceful systemic sustainability.   

History has experimented with the full range of societal organizing concepts from extreme right (fascism) to extreme left (communism) and all shades of democracy (left, right and center).

The failing of democracy is demonstrated around the world as we see nations devolve through a downward spiral from democracy to illiberal democracy to authoritarianism to gangster-ism to terrorism to turf warfare that may end in nuclear world war. 

Know Your


Modern humans live with a primitive neuroendocrine stress arousal system inherited from the early days of our evolution. In the evolutionary jungle, fast reflexive "reptilian" action had higher survival value than actions resulting from (slower) thought process. Consequently, twenty-first century humans live with the evolutionary legacy that has changed little: a primitive survival mechanism that at high stress regresses to reflexive actions with diminished ability for critical thought. This is a lethal combination on our conflicted and nuclear armed planet.

Our life saving option is to secure universal quality of life that would keep collective socioeconomic stress from rising to flash points. The Holigent Delta Plan — the essential core of the proposed Societal Reconstruction — could accomplish that.

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Change Course!

Understand your navigational code

As Albert Einstein once said, A problem cannot be solved with the same mindset that created it. The solution to changing course lies far outside the business-as-usual box, and it must holistically involve every aspect of society.

The Holigent navigational code compressed into one sentence: One for all and all for one doing the essential most with the least of resources without waste to secure universal quality of life in the service of building peaceful systemic sustainability. See also About Holigent.

Holigent societal reconstruction is to provide solutions to the multilayered social, economic and environmental challenges facing humanity. The most important aspect of the Holigent Solution is creating quality of life for an ever-widening circle of participants.

Securing universal quality of life is the only way we know how to keep collective socioeconomic stress from rising to flash points that tend to spark social unrests, foster extreme politics and ignite wars.

The strategy is hands-on involvement in building Holigent communities. This will project hopefulness to keep the peace and buy time for the multi-generational project of reducing carbon and environmental footprints to achieve peaceful systemic sustainability on our planet for generations to come.


Societal Reconstruction