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Holigent Reconstruct America

Seed Project

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The rising social, political and economic disorder as well as the depletion of our planet’s life support capacity and even the increasing probability of nuclear war are in essence expressions of rapidly increasing entropy in human affairs.

At this junction, the survival of life, wealth and civilization hinges on a systemic reconstruction of all aspects of human societies. Nothing less can pass the high bar set by nature, entropy. Such a systemic reconstruction of society is a concept that is significantly outside the comprehension, time horizon and/or comfort zones of existing political, governmental, educational institutions. Never in its history has the human species faced this level of existential challenge. The solution for such a multidimensional challenge does not exist within the perimeters of Western reductionist civilization.

In all, I have devoted four decades of my life in search for solving that seemingly impossible puzzle — namely, to save life, wealth and civilization for humans with do-as-I-please free will on a planet with finite resources. 

The only hopeful scenario among the rather dim prospects of humanity is in the possibility that wealthy individuals and corporations (in an extraordinary leap of faith) are willing to invest some of their wealth in a brave new experiment in societal innovation and reconstruction. It is for that reason I am offering the Holigent Seed Project that would build a small-scale demonstration of hybrid cellular societal infrastructure that can secure universal quality of life, peace and systemic sustainability for its occupants.

Private funding of the Seed Project could give a rapid kick-start to experimental Holigent societal renewal starting at a small scale. The Holigent Seed Project then can engage in a long-range activity of growing, expanding and demonstrating its capacity for providing systemic solutions for society. In time, it intends to convince Congress to provide public funding for the expansion of the program from experimental to regional, to national scale. 


Step 1

Pledging to Funding the

Holigent Seed Project

Given that humanity is in a race against time, we appeal to the wealthy members of society, their organizations and foundations to give to the Holigent Seed Project in the long-range interest for the preservation of

life, wealth and civilization.

The “seed” can be a multiple unit in a location carefully chosen where the project can expand and become a research, teaching and demonstration facility.

In the interest of starting The Holigent Seed Project in Los Angeles, the following naming opportunities are offered to recognize the brave pioneering spirit of donors:

Your grant to Holigent Transition to Peace and Sustainability Org aka Holigent Org, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is tax deductible. 

EIN 26-0735960

The naming rights to whole or parts of real properties in proximity to light rail public transportation are as follows.

A small apartment building                                         $5m to $12m

An individual apartment                                              $500k to $1.5m

A bedroom                                                                  $100k

Living room                                                                 $150k

Front yard                                                                   $150k

Back yard                                                                    $100k

Engraved stone in the Fountain of Visionary Spirits    $10k

Engraved brick in the Footpath of Pioneers                 $5k

Engraved plaque on the Wall of Supporters                 $1k             

Step 2




With the help of grants and donations we will acquire a property to launch a Holigent Seed Project.  Solutioneers will live on the property, and the renovation of the property will begin.

The seed property would become a demonstration project, where Holigent’s core team of Solutioneers would live, while designing and implementing new practices that could be used to Reconstruct America. 

This seed project would become a research, teaching and demonstration facility.

Step 3

The Experiment Begins

The core organizers of Holigent Reconstruct America would live and work in the acquired seed property, developing their own version of the Holigent Delta Plan, a live/work hybrid economic arrangement and social contract. 

They also would work on strategies to acquire additional properties, while simultaneously developing and documenting reconstruction practices.

Step 4


During the Great Depression of the 1930s, global collective socioeconomic stress was high. Under such conditions social order becomes so fragile that when tipping points are crossed extreme politics and social disorder takes over and war becomes the false solution for the desperate and misguided.

We want Holigent Reconstruct America Seed Project to become the “trim tab” that helps change America’s course toward a more hopeful, just and sustainable future, creating a resilient societal model and structure that would survive even the most severe downturn of the global economy.

In addition to working on growing and expanding the Seed Project, Holigent Soluntioneers would begin building alliances within the political system, as well as the community at large.

The core team would offer courses and teach-ins at local schools and universities, working to develop and network with Student Groups.  They would also offer tours and systemic sustainability demonstrations, freely sharing the knowledge gained at the Seed Project.

They would hold Holigent talks before lawmakers in city halls and state capitols as well as organize Holigent Road-trips and deliver the Holigent Reconstruct America Proposal to members of Congress in Washington, DC.

Step 5

Road Trip to Washington DC

Protest is not enough.

Holigent Solutioneers will develop and propose

an actionable program for systemic solution.

For the Holigent Road Trip, our team would be traveling in RVs, while busy on our smart phones organizing to help focus minds, dramatize our concept, and spread the news of our progress. 

On arrival we will gather at the National Mall and organize groups to visit lawmakers and other allies, explaining the latest strategies for systemic Reconstruct America proposals. We will hold talks and distribute hard copies of our proposals and urge lawmakers to introduce and support a bill to establish The Department of Homeland Reconstruction. The Department would provide ongoing funding to expand the Holigent Reconstruct America program from seed projects to regional to national scale.

Particularly at the onset of the next severe economic downturn, we want to urge members of Congress to take advantage of such historic opportunity and initiate bold action that would set America on the right path to become the land of socioeconomic innovation to achieve universal quality of life, peace and systemic sustainability. Once pioneered, America would share such societal innovation with the world.

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