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About the Road Trip

Our (Holigent Org) coast to coast Road Trip will start in Los Angeles and finish in Washington DC (will most likely start at the onset of the next economic recession — date will be announced). When the time comes you may organize your Road Trip anywhere and head for the nation’s capital where we all meet on the National Mall.

The multi-purpose of the Road Trip is to spark a national conversation about what civilized options we have as we face the probable failure of capitalism and democracy to secure universal quality of life and peaceful systemic sustainability. Also how to prevent the exhaustion of our planet’s life support capacity.

While on the road we will remind wealthy individuals and corporations that they have the most to loose in a severe downturn of the socioeconomic order, therefore the most to gain by kickstarting the Holigent Societal Reconstruction experiment.  

The Road Trip will also give hands-on learning experience for adventurous activists who want to learn the arts and science of Holigent Societal Reconstruction and become Holigent Solutioneers.

Join our Road Trip or form your cell of The Alliance to Reconstruct America. When ready, visit your city's Mayor and City Council Members. Introduce your group and assure them that you are on their side peacefully organizing for solutions, not looking for confrontation. Inform them that you will be using a nearby city property or park to assemble for a road trip to Washington, DC.

Engage in fundraising to cover the cost of your road trip. When you have the funds to buy food, fuel and other essentials, assemble all the cars, buses and RVs your group can and head for our nation’s capital.

Use your smart phones on the road and continue to organize, publicize and coordinate with other groups. Contact police to secure the roads for your caravan coming through. Arrange permits to assemble on the National Mall so you can set up information booths upon arrival.

Organize lobbying groups and visit Congressional Offices and the White House. Print and deliver hard copies of the Open Letter about the Holigent Reconstruct America proposal to Legislators and the White House and urge them to establish the Department of Homeland Reconstruction.

The Holigent Reconstruct America daily promotion on the National Mall must persist by rotating solutioneers and protestors, if necessary until the Department of Homeland Reconstruction is established. (Remember there is no overnight camping permitted on the Mall)

During the wait, Holigent Solutioneers could organize partnerships with universities and other institutions and prepare to qualify for federal grants. Develop proposals to build experimental/teaching/demonstration live/work pedestrian compact urban villages with hybrid economies and social contracts that embrace the Holigent Spirit. Such communities will secure universal quality of life and peaceful systemic sustainability to all their residents.  

When and How?

We are preparing to start the Road Trip and will be ready at the onset of the next economic recession. The time and rout with instructions will be announced on this website and on Facebook.

Please register your intention (no commitment necessary) to join our caravan for all or any segment of the Road Trip between Los Angeles to Washington DC. Also if you plan to get to DC by any other way, just drop us an email so we can estimate the numbers and suggest logistics: alliance(at)holigent(dot)org.

Notice about Liabilities

Each participant in the Holigent Reconstruct America road trip take part as an individual initiative and must assume all responsibilities and liabilities for their own road trip, no different than for a recreational camping trip. We are providing the concept and suggest options for action. Holigent.Org however, is not the organizer of all the road trips. This is a decentralized, cellular movement. We organize only our own Alliance Cell. You do similarly and if you don't have the resources to assume liabilities, then inform all the participants of your Alliance Cell to assume personal responsibilities for their participation in your Cell's road trip as if it was personal travel.  

About Holigent Residency

What is it?

Holigent Residency is participation in Holigent.Org's Seed Project. We are launching this program as soon as funds become available. The program is for activists who would be excited to get involved in the pioneering development of a Holigent Live/Work Community from conception to completion. The goal is to live/work/study in the project/community after completion.

What's involved?

From conception to completion the Holigent Seed Project would involve fundraising, acquisition of real property, renovation/construction, and moving in to live, work or study in the community.

Who may be a successful applicant?

Students or working persons who are highly motivated to participate in a pioneering experiment developing and demonstrating a hybrid socioeconomic arrangement that would progressively secure social, economic and environmental justice, quality and sustainability for all its participants.

What is the time demand of participation?

It is variable and negotiable. You may be a full time student or have a full time job or have no other commitment. In any situation you decide how much time you can devote to community service in the "Holigent Village".

The cost of live-in accommodation.

Your live-in accommodation will be at reduced rent or rent-free commensurate to the agreed time you will commit to the community.

Do you have to live in?

No, you don't have to be a resident of the Holigent Village to participate in all aspects of its development.

What are some of the activities available and skills required?

Fundraising, press/media — PR coordinator, working the social media, simple building construction/renovation (you will be trained), events organizing and facilitating, short or long road trips promoting Holigent Reconstruct America action plan, lobbying and more.

Please send your application and tell all about your education, work experience, interests and passions.  Email to: alliance(at)holigent(dot)org


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