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H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction

Holigent REvolution 2020/21


Consider our civilization as a suspension bridge, spanning time from past through present to future. Capitalism and democracy are its two pillars — both are damaged and about to fail.


Why would capitalism fail? Capitalism has multiple flaws. One, is its inherent behavior of pooling wealth in favor of the “1%” at the expense of the “99%”,resulting in wealth inequality that from, time-to-time brings out the pitchforks and guillotines in bloody upheavals. This is explained in great detail by Thomas Piketty in his book Capital in the 21st Century.


The other flaw is best understood in the following way. Evolution and sustained life on Earth is made possible by nature’s unforgiving rule by which every living organism makes its flash, leavings and remains available as food and resource for other living organisms, without waste. Capitalist-consumerism breaks that rule by producing mountains and oceans of non-biodegradable and toxic waste. Simply, capitalism is exhausting Earth’s life-support capacity with techno-industrial efficiency and puts humanity (and other species) on the expressway to extinction.


Why would democracy fail? Democracy, the other pillar of our civilization is also flawed in multiple ways.


a) To understand democracy’s inherent flaw we have to go deep into the natural world and understand its laws that make evolution and life possible. The most fundamental rule to make life possible is organic connection between the parts of a system, without internal friction or opposition. This is demonstrated by a living body in which the heart beats for the heart and for all the other organs; the lung breathes for the lung and for all the other organs and so on. Internal opposition would cause illness and death, so is therefore not allowed. The rule compressed into a sentence is: One for all and all for one without conflict.


Is society a living system? All of planet Earth is, said James Lovelock in his Gaia theory (First laughed at, now highly esteemed). Society is made of people therefore it is a living system that must obey the natural laws that build and sustain life.  


b) Democracy has a plan “b” to its dysfunction and it goes even deeper: Life evolved on Earth during 3.5 billion years from the simple to the complex. This made possible by the process of self-organization that assemble atoms, molecules and cells into living systems. The fundamental rule here is that as the complexity of living systems rises during evolution, so must their self-organizational capacity increase, to remain commensurate with the rising level of complexity. (There must be enough ‘glue’ to hold the parts together and functional.) When rising complexity is outpacing self-organizational capacity within any living system, that system dies/falls apart.


Democracy, an ancient Greek invention that has not had significant updates in centuries, is falling behind in its societal organizing capacity. It is not able to fulfill expectations of people and societies that are experiencing an exponential rise in the complexity of their existence — particularly in this 21st century.  


We could say that the 20th century was the bravest and most tragic in social experiments. Mixed in with two world wars, segments of humanity experimented with extreme right (fascism) and extreme left (communism). Democracy survived but was unable to secure the resilient systemic sustainability that we must have to secure a peaceful and habitable future on Earth.


Now if we understand that the pillars of our civilization are crumbling, it should be clear in the minds of thoughtful persons that without finding a higher-capacity societal organizing system, the violent collapse of civilizations would advance with frightening speed.


So we ask the question, what should be the shape and substance of a societal organizing arrangement that would have the capacity to secure social, political, economic and environmental systemic sustainability for countless happy generations to follow us?


It should be clear from the start that humanity has a giant bad habit: it is global fossil-fueled, techno-industrial, capitalist-consumerist sprawl producing mountains and oceans of non-biodegradable and toxic waste exhausting the life-support capacity of our overpopulated, unhappy and nuclear armed planet; while “grownups” congregate in Paris and other places and talk and talk about the only thing we have to do is reduce CO2 emission.


Yes, we have to reduce carbon emission and do much, much more. We have to rearrange the ways we live, work, commute, produce, consume, educate and govern ourselves. In other words, we have to reconstruct society.


Like constructing a home — we need to follow a building code. But what is the societal reconstruction code that will guide us to build a resilient future of universal quality of life in peaceful systemic sustainability?


First let’s be clear about sustainability and ask: Sustainability for how many generations? Without that number it is a meaningless buzzword.  Allow me to share with you my simplified understanding of this extraordinarily complex issue.


Evolutionary self-organization or simply Mother Nature’s sustainability rule has evolved life on Earth for over 3.5 billion years from the simple to the complex — a near-magical process with two main internal aspects.


a) The rule of relationships of the parts. That is most visibly demonstrated by the collaborative relationships of the organs within a living body (once again): the heart beats for the heart and for all the other organs; the lung breathes for the lung and for all the other organs and so on. In a sentence: One for all and all for one.


b) The rule of natural economy (Mother Nature’s frugality) is easy to understand as follows: Through billions of years of evolution, Earth sustained countless generations of millions of species. This would be a near infinite demand on the finite resources of our planet. How did Nature do it? Mother Nature made that impossible proposition possible under one unforgiving rule: All individuals of every species must make all their flesh, leavings and remains available as food and resource for other organisms. In a sentence: Do the essential most with the least of resources, without waste.


a + b together form Mother Nature’s rule that allows countless generations of life to be born and sustained in splendid resilience. I like to call this Nature’s building and sustainability code. Human survival now hinges on how closely we are able to mimic that code. In a sentence:


One for all and all for one, doing the essential most with the least of resources, without waste.


It is the mission of the Holigent REvolution to encourage the reconstruction of societies according to nature’s sustainability code as closely as humanly possible.


Holigent is coined from holistic and emergent

containing the essence of natural evolutionary self-organization — "nature's building code" to protect and nurture our planet's life support capacity. This is the model and core ‘operating system’ of the Holigent REvolution — building a resilient, habitable future. 


A Holigent Village would be a living experiment and demonstration of the proposed societal reconstruction. At the rate grants and donations arrive we will purchase real estate to build Holigent Villages. The first such Village will demonstrate the societal reconstruction that complies with the codes that maintain Earth’s life support capacity to achieve true sustainability. Accordingly, a Holigent Village will be a cellular, live/work, all green, pedestrian community with a hybrid economy and social contracts:


Cellular: Human scale, non-sprawling, self-directed and self-replicating (reinvesting their income in constructing new communities). Holigent communities are not vertical command structures but rather in horizontal networking arrangements with other community cells.  


Live/work: The human scale community contains living and working places so that people live within walking distance of their work.


All green: Structures are built to comply with the latest green codes. The community generates most or all its renewable electric power; grows a significant portion of its fruits and vegetables in vertical farming and does all its reclaiming and recycling.


Pedestrian: Human-scale, all-walkable garden-like community with minimal use of mechanical transport.


Hybrid Economy: The Holigent Delta Plan is a three-way agreement between employers, employees and the nonprofit management organization of the community. Employee-residents' number of hours worked at their job versus in community service is variable. This provides a flexible arrangement that works to secure continuity regardless of the condition of general/global economy. For example, in a worst-case scenario of an economic recession, participating employers may go into a dormant state rather than shut down, and their employees go on unpaid furlough instead of being laid off. Furloughed employees then work additional hours in community service, earning community credit that will pay part or all their housing costs and provide life's essentials. Thus business investments are protected and employees’ essential quality of life is secured.


Social Contract: Part of the Holigent Delta Plan calls for each resident to commit a certain number of hours doing community service for which they earn community credit that can be applied to reduce housing cost. Community service work can range from physical and social maintenance to participating in constructing new Holigent Villages. The Social Contract is a component of the proposed hybrid economy that works to elevate quality of life to become the essence of societal treasure and value exchange, diminishing the role of money.


Systemic Sustainability is achieved in a Holigent Village by building a living and working infrastructure that supports environmental, economic, social and political justice, quality and true sustainability.


Environmental sustainability: Structures constructed to the latest green code. Residents live within walking distance of their work — using minimal or no mechanical transportation; generate renewable power to satisfy most or all their energy needs; grow a significant amount of their food in local vertical farming; and recycle and reuse producing minimal or no waste.


Economic sustainability: All residents are bound by the Holigent Delta Plan — a flexible hybrid economic and work arrangement with social contract. This secures work and housing even under depression of the general/global economy. (See Hybrid Economy above.)


Social sustainability/stability: Residents of Holigent Villages, in addition to their connections with coworkers at their jobs, all belong to social contract teams of their Village. They get together regularly to fulfill their social contract obligation in physical and social maintenance of the community. They never need to abandon their social support network because of forced relocation due to loss of job or housing. Their essential quality of life is secured. They develop a justified pride and sense of ownership of their safe, secure and well-maintained community.


Political stability: Holigent communities are organized and managed by their own non-political NGOs that are nonprofit organizations with elected residents on their board of directors. Holigent Villages are self-organized and self-maintained. They apply the available human resource provided by the social contracts of their residents to build, organize and maintain their community. They don’t look to political parties or governments for help.


How much time we have to put humanity on a sustainable path? About a decade, says the UN, before the window of opportunity closes forever.


Where will the money come from to build Holigent Communities? The core of funding must come from governments. The “1%” and the “99%” are welcome to pitch in.


This is the most urgent existential challenge facing humanity, but do not expect politicians and UN or EU bureaucrats, on their own, to save your future. It is the existential challenge of individuals — you, I and all of us have to face and solve that grave challenge ourselves. Here are the actions plans in 9 doable steps:


Step 1. Please pass on this article to as many people as you can and use social media (your power tool) to organize. Watch for the developing date and prepare to participate in the Reconstruction REvolution for true sustainability.


Step 2. If you believe you have a viable plan to transform business-as-usual to one that would secure resilient, peaceful systemic sustainability, write it into a proposal, make illustrations and models if you can, and save it for the upcoming exhibition.


Step 3. The date of Reconstruction REvolution is projected to coincide with the depth of the economic recession that is already upon us. Transport yourself to Washington DC, where on the National Mall protestors and solutioneers all meet up in a massive solutions demonstration and exhibit. There you can set up your proposal for a public exhibition.


Note: The road-trip and gathering on the National Mall will not be centrally organized. Those events will be organized (on social media) by individuals and cells of The Alliance to Reconstruct America.


Step 4. Form groups of solutioneer lobbyists to visit congressional offices and pitch the Reconstruction REvolution urging lawmakers to establish the Department of Homeland Reconstruction (DHR).


Step 5. All along we ask individuals of the wealthy 1% and the 99% to become partners in the Reconstruction REvolution and support your favorite reconstruction proposal. Consider this as investment in the future of life, peace and civilization.


Step 6.  DHR, billionaires and foundations invite submission of Reconstruct America Proposals and make grants to the top applicants.


Step 7. Winners of grants construct real live demonstrations of their systemic sustainability concepts.


Step 8. Live demonstrations that offer the best social, political, economic and environmental systemic sustainability solutions will likely be supported by public and/or private grants to replicate their model across America and beyond one community at a time. Reconstruction REvolution can provide countless jobs and lead the way toward a future of universal quality of life and resilient peaceful systemic sustainability across America and beyond.


P.S.  Step 9. Consider the possibility that politicians will not participate in the proposed Reconstruction REvolution and federal funding will not be available any time soon. In that case and any case we offer the “100%” Solution — for the 1% and the 99% donating to Holigent.Org a 501c3 nonprofit organization. As soon as sufficient funding is received we will purchase properties to set up Holigent Houses/Campuses in the US and in Central Europe. Those will be the seeds that will be nurtured to grow and become Holigent Villages. In such Villages you too may live and work to broaden Holigent Societal Reconstruction, building your future of universal quality of life in resilient peaceful systemic sustainability.  


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