Reconstruction REvolution

For the 1% + the 99% + Politicians

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H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction

Holigent REvolution

To build our future of peace and true sustainability.


Holigent from holistic-emergent is a concept that mimics natures building and sustainability code to protect and nurture Earths life support capacity. It is our guide to build social, political, economic and environmental systemic sustainability to construct a peacefully habitable future for many happy generations to come. Also referred to as Societal Reconstruction to build truly sustainable Compliant Communities.


Humanity has been dreaming of peace all its existence. Now is the end of wishful thinking and the beginning of action. Holigent Societal Reconstruction REvolution for building resilient peaceful systemic sustainability is doable. This is a project bigger than you may imagine but it has arrived it is here and you can do it. This will require self-training and you can begin here and now.


This training is to fuse your inherent protestor skills with learned solutioneering (solutions engineering).

We are all natural protestors. From birth until we learn to speak, we cry in protest whenever hungry or feel discomfort. Fortunately mothers are wired to respond with food, love and comfort. Politicians are not wired that way and that is why most protests go unfulfilled. We need to go around that hurdle and here you will learn ways to do that.


First you will learn to become protestor and solutioneer in one — a new powerful hybrid skill that will be able to change business as usual and could save the world.  Why must it be us to change the system? Because even if they had the skill, politicians will do it only with our massive prompting.


You will learn about the Holigent Societal Reconstruction Projects below, but before that, you can do the following mental exercise: Imagine you are a foot solder tired of trudging through mud. You decide to mount a stallion and from there on you ride high, fast and furious.


From your elevated position you will also have a clearer vision. In addition to the rapidly approaching climate disaster you will clearly see the rising probable horror of a 21st century nuclear holocaust — a world war that most likely end civilization.


Learning about stress you will understand that the likelihood of wars are in direct relation to the levels of collective societal stress. Stress is our evolutionary legacy to raise our level of aggression in the service of self-preservation. A stressed and angry person tends to get into fights; many angry people will start wars.


The two world wars of the 20th century did not abolish the underlying impulses causing conflicts. A world war amidst the rising conflicts and global stress of the 21st century tells us it is not if, but when. One thing we can predict with near certainty — it will most likely be a nuclear war in which the lucky ones will die instantly and the survivors will die slow horrible deaths on a nuclear poisoned Earth.


Your course of actions at this time:


1.  Print and send your PETIPION to Congress and the President. Demand they establish a Department of Homeland Reconstruction to have funds flow to societal reconstruction experiments and projects building a future of peaceful systemic sustainability. Help this go viral on social media — urge everyone you know and then some to do the same.


2.  Not knowing when Congress will come around — DONATE to the proposed US and European Holigent Projects so we could start ASAP. Then you may live/work in those Holigent Village Projects and help build them.

                                                                                                             PETITION here. 

Your course of actions later (date will be announced):

Please understand that reducing atmospheric carbon emissions alone, while good for nature, will do little or nothing to secure the future of democracy and civilization. The UN states that we are the last generation with the chance to chart a course toward true sustainability, and in fact have only about a decade to do it before the window of opportunity closes forever.

This is the most urgent existential challenge facing humanity, but do not expect politicians and UN or EU bureaucrats, on their own, to save your future. It is the existential challenge of individuals — you, I and all of us have to face and solve that grave challenge ourselves. Here are actions in the planning in 9 doable steps:

Step 1. Please pass on this article to as many people as you can and watch for the date to be announced to participate in the Reconstruction REvolution for true sustainability.

Step 2. If you believe you have a viable plan to transform business-as-usual to one that would secure peaceful systemic sustainability, write it into a proposal, make illustrations and models if you can, and save it for the upcoming exhibition.

Step 3. The date of Reconstruction REvolution will be announced (projected to coincide with the depth of the next economic recession). Transport yourself to Washington DC, where on the National Mall protestors and solutioneers all meet up in a massive solutions demonstration and exhibit. There you can set up your proposal for a public exhibition.

Step 4. We form groups of asolutioneer lobbyists to visit congressional offices and pitch the Reconstruction REvolution urging lawmakers to establish the Department of Homeland Reconstruction (DHR).

Step 5. All along we ask the wealthy 1% and the 99% to become partners in the Reconstruction REvolution and support your favorite reconstruction proposal. Consider this as investment in the future of life, peace and civilization.

Step 6.  DHR and/or Billionaires foundations invite submission of Reconstruction Proposals and make grants to the top applicants.

Step 7. Winners of grants construct real live demonstrations of their systemic sustainability concepts.

Step 8. Live demonstrations that offer the best social, political, economic and environmental systemic sustainability solutions will likely be supported by public and/or private grants to replicate their model across America and beyond one community at a time. Reconstruction REvolution can provide countless jobs and lead the way toward a future of universal quality of life and resilient peaceful systemic sustainability.

P.S.  Step 9. Consider the possibility that politicians will not participate in the proposed Reconstruction REvolution. In that case we offer the “100%” Solution — for the 1% and the 99% donating to Holigent.Org a 501c3 nonprofit organization. As soon as sufficient money is received we will purchase properties to set up Holigent Houses in Central Europe and in the US. Those will be the seeds that in time will grow to become Holigent Villages in which you too may live and work to broaden Holigent Societal Reconstruction building your future of universal quality of life in resilient peaceful systemic sustainability.  See Project Europe

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