Q & A to save the world




Proposal in Q & A for

Los Angeles to Heal Itself and

Save the World

A. Nicholas Frank

Building a Better Bridge to Our Future

Q.   There are traditional ways for submitting proposals, so why this Q & A format?

A.   It is my way to step outside the box and follow the spirit of Albert Einstein who said, “A problem cannot be solved by the same mindset that created it.”     

Q.   Why does Los Angeles need healing?

A.    Los Angeles has homeless encampments on the streets all over the city, while many billionaires are living in mansions on the hilltops. The city is gridlocked in traffic. And the rising cost of living is forcing people out of the city. At the same time, high-earning professionals with young families are also leaving the city because of rising fear, stress, and embarrassment having to explain to their children why people sleep in filth on the sidewalk.

Q.   Why does the world need saving?

A.   It is evident to thoughtful people that Earth’s finite life-support capacity will soon be exhausted by the near-infinite demand of eight billion reproductive and wasteful humans. Jarred Diamond’s book Collapse tells the story of why ancient civilizations are not here anymore. The common reason for their collapse was the exhaustion of resources. Sir David Attenborough summed it up at the 2018 UN Climate Conference:

“If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”

Q.   Why does creating a peaceful and sustainable world seem nearly impossible?

A.   Because it is complicated.

Q.   How complicated?

A.   Not nearly as complicated as making a small flat machine that you can whip out of your pocket and use to talk to somebody thousands of miles away.

Q.   Then why can’t we solve the problems of conflict, war, and unsustainability around the world? Especially when these problems may result in dangerous collisions between the super powers and lead to nuclear “Armageddon”?

A.   The answer in one word is STRESS.

Q.   Sounds like a sickness. What is stress, really?

A.   A psycho-biological response to challenge.

Q.   How do we get rid of it?

A.   You can’t get rid of it. There is no pill for it, and it cannot be surgically removed because it is deeply embedded in our neuroendocrine system.

Q.   When and how did we contract the deadly disease of stress?

A.   Millions of years ago in the evolutionary jungle.

Q.   Why?

A.   Because in the critter-eat-critter jungle, we had to make split-second decisions to fight or flee to stay alive. There was no time for thinking.

Q.   That was a long time ago. Why can’t we change and stop reacting that way?

A.   Because the fast reflexive response without thinking is embedded in the primitive part of our brain. It was our survival mechanism during our early evolution and now we are stuck with this legacy from the evolutionary jungle. Fear and aggression are the primitive tools we use attempting to solve complex socio-economic-political problems that often result in conflict and lead to war.

Q.   What’s the solution?

A.   Use the same part of our brain that gave us the smart phone.

Q.   How would that work?

A.   Remember, stress turns on aggression and turns off rational thought processes. Remember also that the neuroendocrine stress mechanism in the body cannot be surgically removed. The only rational option is to secure quality of life so the stress response is not triggered, but remains dormant in the individual’s brain and body.

Q.   Secure quality of life for eight billion people on the planet?

A.   Yes!

Q.   Isn’t that an impossible proposition?

A.   No. It’s less complicated than building a smart phone if you use the right tools.

Q.   What will it take?

A.   Learning to examine life with a new mindset, engineering, construction, and money.

Q.   Is this your heroic one-man project?

A.   My job is to plant the seed of the idea. This project will need an army of dedicated participants.

Q.   Would you list the divisions of that potential army of dedicated participants?

A.a) The first division will be young people; this is about their future, after all. They will create the visibility through instructive demonstrations in public places.

    b) The people of California; this is their project to heal the planet and save the world by donating to the building of a demonstration Holigent Village.

         c) The mayor of Los Angeles; this city will be the pioneer and host for the Transformative Societal Reconstruction Experiment — home of the first nature-compliant Holigent Village.

d) The governor of California will follow a tradition of the state to continue being in the forefront of innovation.

e) Politicians, U.S. Congress in particular, will establish a Department of Homeland Reconstruction to make funding available for building truly sustainable, nature-compliant Holigent Villages across America and beyond.

f) Billionaires; there’s a surprisingly large number of them in California and over 3,000 around the world. They may choose to donate in an effort to heal Earth and save the world.


Q.   Where would we start?

A.   Build an experimental demonstration Holigent Village.

Q.   What is Holigent?

A.   The word “Holigent” is a merging of the terms “holistic” and “emergent.” It is a concept that follows nature’s building and sustainability knowhow.

Q.   What is a Holigent Village?

A.   It is a decentralized, self-organized, self-reliant, all green pedestrian community with hybrid socioeconomic arrangements, built in compliance with nature’s sustainability code that secures quality of life for all its residents.

Q.   Where would the money come from?

A.   The source could be public and private. We encourage billionaires to contribute about $12 million to get started.

Q.   Why would they do that?  

A.   To consider it an investment in life and wealth preservation. Or because they realize that saving Earth is cheaper and easier than escaping to Mars, a dead rock in cold and empty space. Or for the sake of their legacy, to donate to building a Holigent Village that will carry their name.   

Q.   Let’s assume $12 million is donated to Holigent.Org. What would happen next?

A.   We go house hunting and buy about 10 homes for Holigent.Org in the Jefferson corridor along the Expo light rail line near the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.  

Q.   What do you do with the homes?

A.   Upon closing on each of the houses, Holigent.Org takes possession and after any necessary renovations, we invite about 40 people to live, learn, and work in the homes, forming the seed of a Holigent Village.

Q.   What will they be learning?

A.   Among other things, they too will learn to follow Albert Einstein’s advise and develop a new mindset, because a “problem cannot be solved with the same mindset that created it.

Q.   What would they be doing with their new mindset?

A.   Learning to follow the advice of Socrates and reexamine life, because “the unexamined life is not worth living. Students will also learn to build solar energy generators; grow food in vertical farming; and manage waste through repurposing and recycling.

Q.   What’s next?

A.   Holigent will engage in ambitious fundraising from private and public sources.

Q.   What will Holigent.Org do with the money?

A.    Enlarge the Holigent Village to demonstrate a new hybrid socioeconomic organizing system in which the pillars of our bridge to the future, capitalism and democracy, are retrofitted in the interest of building a future of social, economic, and environmental justice; quality of life; and systemic sustainability.

Q.   What’s wrong with capitalism, why does it need to be “retrofitted”?

A.   In capitalism the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Thomas Piketty explained it with a formula r > g (return on capital is greater than growth). Think of it as the DNA of capital that drives wealth from the 99% to the 1%. History has shown that inequality brings out the pitchforks, the guillotines, and the Bolsheviks; in other words, it leads to bloody upheavals and war.

Q.   How will Holigent retrofit capitalism?

A.   All grants, donations, and income generated by the Holigent Village will belong to the commons and will help provide significantly reduced housing rates as well as improved quality of life.  

Q.   What’s wrong with democracy?

A.   Built-in opposition makes democracy corruptible. That is contrary to the natural rule of organic collaboration of the parts that make resilient systems.

The higher the socioeconomic stress in a democracy, the greater the probability of drifting toward fascism…and ultimately war. 

Q.   Why does fascism likely lead to war?

A.   Because fascist leaders make grand promises such as “Deutschland Über Alles” or “Make America Great Again.” When they can’t deliver, they deflect anger by telling the angry crowd to beat up on minorities. When that doesn’t deliver the promise, the fascist leader has no choice but to give the angry mob a big fight they want — to make war.

Q.   How would you retrofit democracy?

A.   Each Holigent Village community exists as a nonprofit organization — a decentralized cell of society. Members of the board of directors are elected from the community, and they collectively look out for the best interests of the community, securing quality of life for every resident.

Q.   What’s next?

A.   We introduce the idea and invite the mayor of Los Angeles to be a partner in the project of building Holigent Villages.

Q.   Why would the mayor opt in?

A.   Each Holigent Village would own the housing units purchased with grants, donations, and income generated by the commons. Holigent Villages would offer housing with significantly reduced rent. This may provide affordable housing to some homeless people. Those who can’t afford the low rent would be offered housing in exchange for cleaning and maintenance work. The less capable will be taken in and provided mentoring by residents performing their social service obligation that is part of their contract — earning community credit that reduces their housing cost. All along, stress and the burdens of life are reduced while quality of life is elevated for all residents of a Holigent Village.

Q.   What’s next?

A.   Introduce the Holigent Proposal to the governor of California.

Q.   Why would the governor be interested?

A.   California’s culture and history are all about pioneering and innovation. It would be a good fit for the state to be at the forefront of this Innovative Societal Reconstruction Experiment to build a future of universal quality of life, global peace, and systemic sustainability.

Q.   Next?

A.   We will continue our tireless public and private fundraising efforts to take Holigent Transformative Societal Reconstruction to every corner of the world.

Q.   Why is that necessary?

A.   For about the same reason an apple mustn’t have even a small rotten spot. If it has, soon the whole apple will be rotten.

Q.   This sounds like an expensive proposition. Where will that kind of money come from?

A.   Remember, in the 20th century the U.S. spent treasure and blood to win World War II and save Europe from fascism. We will remind politicians that in this 21st century the U.S. urgently needs to spend treasure, but no blood, to save democracy from drifting to fascism and save the world from wars and a probable nuclear “Armageddon.”  

Q.   And just how do you plan to do that?

A.   We will send politicians emails explaining all of this.

Q.   What if they delete the emails without reading them?

A.   Then we will organize road trips from Los Angeles and other major U.S. cities across America, converging in Washington, D.C. 

Q.   Will you protest when you get there?

A.   Protest alone doesn’t work, because building a peaceful and sustainable future is beyond the skillsets of politicians and institutions. We will participate in instructive demonstrations, explaining in detail what to do and how to do it.

Q.   What do politicians need to do?

A.   Members of Congress need to establish a U.S.

Department of Homeland Reconstruction to secure funds for building Holigent Villages across America. Then we’ll proceed to take the program to Europe and around the world.   

Q.   Will Holigent societal reconstruction programs be a bottomless pit for grants and donations?

A.   At some point in time, Holigent Transformative Societal Reconstruction for building a future of social, economic, and environmental justice; quality of life; and sustainability will achieve a critical mass. From thereon the internally generated capital of the Holigent communities will assure continued expansion of the program, even to the dark and hopeless corners of the world.

Q.   Why would people want to live in Holigent Villages?

A.   For about the same reason large numbers of people take high risks migrating to Europe and to America — hoping to improve their quality of life.

Q.   How long will it take for the world to transition to peaceful sustainability?

A.   It may take generations. However, if at least one billionaire (out of over 3,000 in the world) and Congress buy into the idea of Holigent Transformative Societal Reconstruction, the global transition from war making to peace building can be accomplished in a decade or two.

Q.   Why should all of this start in Los Angeles, California?

A.   It is a doable prescription to heal and save the world. The people and culture of Los Angeles and the state of California are capable and have a history of innovation in movie-making, space technology, digital technology, and more.

Quality of life, peace, and sustainability are

what the world needs now!

With that, Holigent Societal Transformation will reduce global stress to a safe level. Our world will achieve:

universal quality of life, global peace, and systemic sustainability.

Humanity will survive and thrive on the

one and only habitable planet

in the known universe:

Our warm, wet, and green

Magical Planet Earth    


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