The "99%" Solution

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Societal Reconstruction

Who are you?

I'm a Holigent Solutioneer

What are you up to?

I want to team up with you

What for?

Politicians locked themselves into a double box and threw away the key. They could not save our future even if they wanted to

The box of myopic thinking (election cycles) inside the box of compartmentalized thinking

(a legacy of reductionism)

They need us protestors and solutioneers to give them sticks and carrots and make them pay attention to generational cycles and help secure our future

We mustn't trust our future to any politician, president or bureaucrat. We must build our future ourselves

We are the 99% and we have the numbers on our side!

If 80 thousand of us would donate $10 a month for six months that would amount to $4.8 million

What double box?

Sounds like a disease, may be they need a good doctor

What's the idea?

What's the 99% Solution?

OK what could 80 thousand people do?

What else?

What would $4.8 million buy?

200 thousand of such donation would buy 12 residential properties that would be developed to serve as a live, learn and work campus — graduating Holigent Solutioneers.

That money would also buy about 10 residential properties in central Europe — forming the core of a Holigent Village campus. A Holigent Village will be a cellular, live/work, all green, pedestrian community with hybrid economy and social contracts. We will invite people from across the world to come live, learn and work in the Los Angeles or in the European Holigent Village — and in time expand societal reconstruction around the world

Where in Europe would we build that village?

Anywhere in central Europe. Budapest would be ideal in the center of the continent

How will we get the Billionaires to do their share? After all they have the most to lose in a global socioeconomic collapse

People all over America and Europe will be walking with signs. Some of us in RVs will travel the roads and will work social media

What will that do?

Will send people to the HOLIGENT website where they can get the full story on the Holigent Projects and they can donate wherever they are through PayPal. When the money comes in we start constructing Holigent Villages

What if Billionaires won't donate to voluntary societal reconstruction?

Then they may have to face the rising political mood for legislated confiscation by the new socialists

Finally, try and remember that recycling and alternate fantasies will not do. So please get off your ass and do something real before the window of opportunity closes for ever

Together we could save our future

Politicians have to do that

Listen, I am a Protestor and I want to do something real for my future. So what could that be?

That's easy, just change your sign like this:

And you can protest heroic solo like Greta. Or team up with others.

What will that do?

That will inform, motivate, awaken people to action, turn some protestors into solutioneers and our activities may capture the attention of Billionaires and encourage them to donate

What are we doing here?

Saving ourselves and the world !

I heard that before

Not this one

The current Hungarian government

doesn't look favorably on NGOs

The Holigent Project is nonpolitical

and will build resilience and systemic sustainability in a conflicted and fragmented Europe. That will bring participation and big pride to little Hungary

What do people get for their donation?

A chance to win a peaceful and sustainable future

They want to know their chances before they gamble away some of their money

Social, political, economic and environmental inconveniences will converge into a catastrophic collapse of civilization with high probability in your life time. With near certainty that would trigger a nuclear world war much sooner than you could comfortably contemplate. In light of that, any small chance for the success of Holigent Societal Reconstruction securing peaceful systemic sustainability for America, Europe and beyond, you could consider as winning the grandest prize.


We will post the progress of this project on line

See Project Europe HERE

For the Los Angeles project it would buy 4 residential properties along the Expo line. With some renovation that would form the Holigent House where the core Solutioneers could live, learn and work in quality of life at low cost.

1 million of such donation would bring in $60M. That could buy 50 similar properties that would be developed to make a Holigent Village. It would serve as a hybrid socioeconomic experiment in systemic solution to the social, economic and environmental challenges of our time. We would showcase it to the world then transplant the seeds of Holigent Societal Reconstruction to communities across America, Europe and beyond 

What numbers?

The total population of the United States and the European Union is over 840 million. The 99% of that is still over 800M. Let's assume one percent of that would participate. That would be over 8 million.

So you think 8 million people will line up around your block and pay money to get into your Holigent Club?

Would you bet on one percent of that?

Dream on !

I still think you are dreaming

Well of course! Really useful ideas rarely if ever born fully formed. It take big dreaming, dedication and fearless action to bring them to reality

Hey, if you want to make a bet put up 5 or 10 dollars a month for six month — it may be the best gamble in your life

That's a lot of money

Remember, I am not talking about a 99 cent solution. Unfortunately your sustainable future is not available in the bargain basement