Protestors & Solutioneers

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Societal Reconstruction

Who are you?

I'm a Solutioneer

What are you up to?

I want to team up with you

What for?

Politicians locked themselves into a double box and threw away the key. They could not save our future even if they wanted to

The box of myopic thinking (election cycles) inside the box of compartmentalized thinking

(a legacy of reductionism)

They need us protestors and solutioneers to give them sticks and carrots and make them pay attention to generational cycles and help secure our future

We mustn't trust our future to any politician, president or bureaucrat. We must build our future ourselves

It's called Holigent Project Europe

Saving our future is big but we start small, call it the HOLIGENT HOUSE

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What double box?

Sounds like a disease, may be they need a good doctor

What's the idea?

Do you have a plan?

It sounds too big !

What are the other stages?

What's that for?

We can live and work in that house preparing the other stages of Holigent Project Europe

Enlarging the Holigent House to make it a learning campus. Continue enlarging it until it becomes a village. Invite people from across Europe to come live, learn and work in a Holigent Village

Where would we build that village?

In time we will build them all over Europe. The first one we will build near Budapest

How will we get the money coming?

People all over Europe and America will be walking with signs. Some of us in RVs will travel the roads.

What will that do?

Will bring people to the HOLIGENT website where they can get the full story on the Holigent Project and they can donate wherever they may be through PayPal. When the money comes in we start constructing

What if nobody cares about societal reconstruction to get to systemic sustainability?

Then you can pick from a bagful of really, really ugly stuff, such as planetary heat death by climate change; or collapse of civilization; or the exhaustion of Earth's life support capacity; or nuclear world war in which the lucky ones will die instantly but most will die an unimaginably painful, slow death on a nuclear poisoned Earth

Try and remember that recycling and alternate crap not gona do it. So please get off your ass and do something real before the window of opportunity closes for ever

Together we could save our future

Politicians have to do that

Listen, I am a Protestor and I want to do something real for my future. So what could that be?

That's easy, just change your sign like this:

And you can do it heroic solo like Greta. Or team up with others

What will that do?

That will inform, motivate, awaken people to action, turn protestors to solutioneers and encourage donations