Project Europe

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Societal Reconstruction

Holigent Project Europe

Why Europe?

We remember that twice in the 20th century Europe was the flash points that ignited world wars that dragged America into the conflicts. In this 21st century Europe is once again dangerously fragmented. (Mikhail Gorbachev warned in a 2019 BBC interview that the tension between Russia and the West is putting the world in "colossal danger" of nuclear conflict) The nonpolitical Holigent Project could turn tensions into hopefulness and encourage people to participate in societal reconstruction to build a future of peaceful systemic sustainability.

Stage 1

Road Trip across Europe

The core Holigent Solutioneers will travel in RVs from Budapest to Brussels delivering a Message to the European Union. We will travel across Europe to inform, motivate, invite participation and raise funds for the construction of Holigent Communities.

If you hold a peaceful and sustainable future for Europe close to your heart, we encourage you to initiate your own or join our Road Trip. Modes of participation, starting date, gathering places, instructions and routes will be announced HERE

Stage 2

The Holigent House

After the completion of the Road Trip, we return to Budapest and (funds permitting) purchase a building in which the solutioneers will live and work to prepare the following stages of societal reconstruction. 

Stage 3

The Holigent Campus

The Holigent House will be enlarged by the purchase of additional properties to form the Holigent Campus. Here students (of all ages) will live, work and study the art and science of Holigent Societal Reconstruction.

Stage 4

Building the Holigent Village

At the rate donations arrive, we will purchase additional real estate to develop a Holigent Village. The first such Village will demonstrate the societal reconstruction that complies with the codes to achieve true sustainability. Accordingly, a Holigent Village will be a cellular, live/work, all green, pedestrian community with a hybrid economy and social contracts:

Cellular: Human scale, non-sprawling, self-directed community not in a vertical command power structure but rather a horizontal networking arrangement with other community cells.

Live/work: The human scale community contain living and working places so that people live within walking distance of their work.

All green: Structures are built to comply with the latest green code. The community generates most or all its renewable electric power; grows a significant portion of its fruits and vegetables in vertical farming and does all its reclaiming and recycling.

Pedestrian: Human-scale, all-walkable garden-like community with minimal use of mechanical transport.

Hybrid Economy: The Holigent Delta Plan is a three-way agreement between employers, employees and the nonprofit management organization of the community. Employee-residents' number of hours worked at their job versus in community service is variable.This provides a flexible arrangement that works to secure continuity regardless of the condition of general/global economy. For example, in a worst case scenario of an economic recession, employers may go into a dormant state rather than shut down, and their employees go on unpaid furlough instead of being laid off. Furloughed employees then work additional hours in community service earning community credit that will pay part or all their housing cost and provide life's essentials. Thus business investments are protected and employees’ essential quality of life is secured.

Social Contract: Part of the Holigent Delta Plan calls for each resident to commit a certain number of hours doing community service for which they earn community credit that can be applied to reduce housing cost. Community service work can range from physical and social maintenance to participating in constructing new Holigent Villages.

Stage 5

Construct the International Holigent Village

to become a permanent world exhibition.

Invite European Nations to build their village community within an enlarged compound adjacent to the demonstration core in Budapest. When the various participating nations build communities in their traditional architectural style, the result will be a colorful and vibrant living permanent world exhibition. Such an International Holigent Village can serve as a model to guide societal reconstruction in building a future of peaceful systemic sustainability across Europe and beyond.

Stage 6

Seeding Holigent Societal Reconstruction in troubled regions.

Successful Holigent Communities will assist in the construction of Holigent Villages in troubled parts of the world. This will provide employment and purpose to people offering them a choice alternate to becoming refugees, migrants or terrorists.