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Establish the Department of Homeland Reconstruction for Peace and Systemic Sustainability

A. Nicholas Frank  Los Angeles, CA, United States

We are encouraging Billionaires as well to take an active part.

The problem is that through business as usual, peace and sustainability are unattainable before the collapse of Earth's life support capacity and/or a 21st century nuclear war ignited by increasing conflicts and rising global collective societal stress.


Establish the Department of Homeland Reconstruction to have funds flow to societal reconstruction experiments and projects such as building cellular live/work pedestrian communities with hybrid economies and social contracts that can secure quality of life even during severe recessions of the global economy and build a habitable future for many happy generations to come. 


The purpose is to construct new societal infrastructures in which we rearrange the ways we live, work, commute, produce, consume, educate and govern ourselves to achieve social, political, economic and environmental justice, quality and peaceful systemic sustainability. Learn more on .


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