Holigent Reconstruct Europe

A Holigent International Campus

This is an outline in broad strokes of a proposal to make Europe the nursery of socioeconomic stability, world peace and systemic sustainability. We hope to start a conversation among students, educators, social innovators, wealthy individuals and politicians who hold the success of a peaceful Europe close to their heart.

The subject of the conversation is the creation of an experimental, teaching and demonstration all green, mixed-use, live/work pedestrian compact urban village with a hybrid economy and social contract. We suggest that such a community be constructed and managed by a nongovernmental/nonprofit organization in the spirit of the Holigent Concept. When successful many more of such communities to be constructed across Europe and beyond. 

The suggested location is near the center of the continent in proximity to Budapest. There is a double purpose to this proposed project; one is to develop a flexible socioeconomic arrangement that would comfortably fit all EU members regardless of size, geography, history, productivity and temperament. This is predicated on the understanding that the EU's present one-size “suit” of political economy does not fit all, and that leads to friction and fragmentation.

The other purpose is to demonstrate to Russia that the proposed Holigent societal innovation is none-political. Such developments in Russia can create true socioeconomic stability and security at a fraction of the price compared to westward expansion and its risk of collision with NATO and the US.

We are looking for a few brave individuals unafraid to step outside their respective traditions and comfort zones and begin a conversation about the proposed hybrid societal innovation for peaceful systemic sustainability for Europe and beyond.

The essence of Holigent Reconstruct Europe is similar to the Holigent Reconstruct America proposal. Please learn more about the Holigent concept on this website and from the book — Holigent RECONSTRUCT America, Europe, the World.


Why and how to build an International Holigent Village: Budapest Campus.pdf


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