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H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction



Quality of Life, Peace and Sustainability


The alarm has been sounded by scientists and by many prominent people. Our conflicted, climate changing, war-torn and nuclear-armed world is heading for collapse. Sir David Attenborough summed it up at a United Nations Climate Conference: “If we dont take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.” Some scientists believe we have no more than five years to save ourselves from environmental collapse before the window of opportunity closes forever.

Yet, at each United Nations Climate Conference there are more words: “Blah, blah, blah,” as Greta Thunberg put it, but no effective action. Our planet continues to warm and the climate is heading toward catastrophic collapse. The lesson: We cannot leave the future of our children and our planet in the hands of “experts” and bureaucrats!

A. Nicholas Frank, founder of Holigent Transition to Peace and Sustainability Org aka Holigent.Org, survived Nazism, World War II, the defeated revolution of 1956 and the escape from communist Hungary across the partially dismantled Iron Curtain to the West. He devoted the past 50 years searching for answers to building a better world and deposited his thoughts in five books progressing toward answers. The Holigent Project is a summary and instruction for building a better bridge to our future of universal quality of life, global peace and systemic sustainability.

We are asking Mayors to build experimental, transformative, hybrid nature-compliant communities in their cities to pioneer a path to a future of universal quality of life and peaceful systemic sustainability; We are asking Governors to participate in the project; We are encouraging Congress to establish a Department of Homeland Reconstruction to make funds available to expand the program across America, Europe and beyond — so that our children and future generations can thrive on our beautiful and only habitable planet in the known universe.

The Los Angeles Holigent Project

The Los Angeles Project proposes to pioneer and build a Holigent (Nature Compliant) Community and demonstrate its hybrid socioeconomic structure and function.

1. Funding. Holigent.Org is organizing participation and fundraising.

a) We are approaching the Mayor of Los Angeles and asking to support our work building a Holigent Village in the city.

b) We are approaching the Governor of California and asking support for building the Holigent Village.

c) We are asking California’s members of Congress to promote the establishment of a US Department of Homeland Reconstruction to fund the building of Nature Compliant Communities in the United States.

d) We are approaching Yoga Studios to set up Holigent Yoga.  See: www.holigent.org

      e) We are making a general appeal to billionaires to support building Nature Compliant Communities in the US, Europe and around the World. See the book: Dear Billionaire: We can save the world now or never. Go to Amazon.com or free .pdf

2. Purchasing real estate. Holigent.Org a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization would purchase homes along the Jefferson corridor, in proximity to the Expo light rail line, near USC in Los Angeles. The average price of a home in that part of LA is $1m.

For example, ten homes would house 30 to 50 live/work residents, plus provide the roof surfaces for solar power generation and the yards for growing food (vertical farming). This would be the core of the Holigent Campus/Village where resident students would learn and practice the art and science of nature-compliant living. This will be a car-free pedestrian community. The residents build their solar and wind power generators; grow much of their food in vertical farming; and do all their reuse and recycling.

3. The Organization. The Holigent campus will be a village-community made up of residents, employers and the managing nonprofit organization. The three entities will function under a hybrid socioeconomic arrangement — the Holigent Delta Plan.

The hybrid socioeconomic arrangement with the help of the Holigent Delta Plan will self-adjust to find balance in the world of uncertain swings of the general/global economy to provide Home, Food, Employment, Community and Security. Quality of life is secured under any circumstances for all the residents of the Holigent Community.

4. From Local to National. When the Los Angeles Project is demonstrated to be successful and funds are available, the project will expand.

a) The Los Angeles experimental community campus will grow to become a self-organized Holigent Nature-Compliant Village.

b) The Village opens its doors to become a permanent exposition and invites people to come live and learn the art, science, skills and philosophy of Holigent true sustainable living. Note: Holigent Villages grow only to the limit of walkability. Beyond that, new Villages are built and joined with electric mass-transit systems. 

c) When the Department of Homeland Reconstruction is established by Congress and funds made available, Nature-Compliant (Holigent) development will expand across the United States.

5. Planting the Holigent seed in Europe. The US spent blood and treasure in the 20th century to win World War II and save Europe from Nazism. In this conflicted, war torn and nuclear armed 21st century, once again the US needs to spend money, but no blood, to save the European Union from further disintegration and potential catastrophe on the continent.

The Budapest Holigent Project.

a) Holigent.Org would manage the Project. $4m would buy 10 homes in a southern district of Budapest. This would be the seed of European Transformative Societal Reconstruction.

b) Similar to the US Project, the Budapest campus would become a permanent live exposition and open its doors to all comers to learn the art and science of building self-organized nature-compliant, truly sustainable communities with hybrid socioeconomic arrangements across the continent and beyond.

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