Good News

H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction


The Very Good News is that the answers have arrived to my life-long search to the question of the eight year old inside me — Why do grownups make war, destroy beautiful cities and kill  innocent people?  It was a complex puzzle that took five books and fifty years to solve. I walk you through the process and offer an action guide to building a better bridge to our future in my fifth book, Dear Billionaire: We can Save the World Now or Never.

Collapse and extinction does not have to happen. Humanity and the natural world can survive and thrive in peaceful sustainability on our one and only habitable planet in the known universe.


First, understand the root of our madness

This goes back to our early days growing up in the evolutionary jungle where most critters were food for some other critter. Eat or be eaten was decided in split seconds by our fight or flight reflexive stress response system. There was no time for thinking about it.

Stress is our legacy from earlier times of our evolution when it was a lifesaver. It is deeply embedded in our neuroendocrine system that cannot be surgically removed. In modern times it is a double edge sword that is killing us.

One edge is internalized stress that depresses our spirit and our immune system that leaves us vulnerable to diseases from the common cold to heart disease and cancer.

The other edge is stress that raises our aggression level while turning off rational thought process. The result is that one angry person sooner or later will start a fight; many angry people will not recognize facts and storm the U.S. Capitol as on January 6, 2021; and a nation-full of angry people will make war, as in Germany of the 1930s during high global stress of the Great Depression that led to World War II. 

It may not be immediately clear to you how you can save the world by saving yourself from stress — hang on we’ll clear it up.

Save the world by saving yourself

The roots of this go back to 1945. At the end of the Second World War, I emerged from the deep shelter and saw Budapest bombed to rubble. My eight-year-old self asked: Why would grownups destroy a beautiful city and kill innocent people? I devoted much of my life searching to answer that question.

I was a curios kid, at age 12 and on, I was regularly attending the planetary lectures at the observatory near my home in Budapest. Later in my life I got curios about the possibility of intelligent life on other planets in the universe. I learned a good deal about the cosmos and about the work of the SETI institute, searching for extra terrestrial intelligence.

SETI has big electronic ears listening to hear any intelligent signals in our Milky Way galaxy. Scientists calculate that the probability for intelligent life among the billions of planetary systems in our galaxy is high. Yet they hear deep silence. The consensus among scientists is that intelligent life and their techno-industrial development exhausts the available resources. The population then engages in mutual destruction in the struggle for the diminishing life-support. 

Our Earth is on that path! We are the last living generation having the option to change track to avoid that fate before the window of opportunity closes forever. During my life-long search for answers I put my thoughts into four books progressing toward the answers. In my fifth book Dear Billionaire: We can save the world now or never, I offer answers and action plans to save ourselves and our beautiful planet Earth.

Creating a peaceful and sustainable future will not be simple, yet it is doable. The following five phases give an outline of the action plan.

In Phase One, we start up the Save the World Movement. It is to grow awareness of the newly opened possibilities.This can take many forms. I am suggesting some and you can be creative and do your own. The essence of Phase One is the realization that building a peaceful and sustainable world is beyond the skillsets of politicians and their institution. No amount of protest will get us there. If you and I don’t do this no one will, in which case "The collapse of civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon" (Sir David Attenborough) and will arrive with predictable certainty sooner than we could comfortably contemplate.

One way to saving the world begins with you, saving yourself by practicing Holigent Yoga reducing the stress of your life. Start your Holigent Yoga sessions solo or with family and friends. 

Be more ambitious and take Holigent Yoga to your yoga studio; take it to your workplace to reduce stress and improve your quality of life (and productivity that employers will value).

Organize Instructive Demonstrations. You instruct yourself and others around you. The source of instructions is the Holigent website and the Book, Dear Billionaire. You can do the old fashion walk on the streets, not in protest but as Instructive Demonstrations with the Book in your hand, inviting people to take snapshots of the QR code that will take them to this website.

In Phase Two reach out to journalists and the media. They want to write and talk about your activity for saving the world by saving yourself and will spread and amplify your story.

In Phase Three, Billionaires will read and hear about your story because they are curious people. When they do, they may contribute or pursue their Holigent Transformative Societal Reconstruction Experiment in the form of building a Holigent Community to demonstrate the hybrid socioeconomic rearrangement of the way we would live, work, commute, produce, consume, educate and govern ourselves in pursuit of creating social, economic and environmental justice, quality and sustainability.

In Phase Four when Holigent societal transformation is presented in live demonstration, Politicians may take notice. If they do, that would make it possible for them to do a heroic act: Establish a Department of Homeland Reconstruction to provide ongoing funding for continued experiments in Holigent Societal Reconstruction in compliance with nature’s building and sustainability code.

In Phase Five the successful experiments would be replicated and at some point in time Transformative Societal Reconstruction would attain critical mass and self-replicate across America, Europe and around the world. This would reduce the feverishly high global socioeconomic stress to a degree in which building a future of Universal quality of life, Global peace and Systemic sustainability would be attainable. Thus, humanity could survive and thrive on Earth — the one and only habitable, magical planet in the known universe.

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