Cosmic Glass Ceiling?

H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction


I was a curios kid, at age 12 and on, I was regularly attending the planetary lectures at the observatory near my home in Budapest. Later in my life I got curios about the possibility of intelligent life on other planets in the universe. I learned a good deal about the cosmos and about the work of the SETI institute, searching for extra terrestrial intelligence.

SETI has big electronic ears listening to hear any intelligent signals in our Milky Way galaxy. Scientists calculate that the probability for intelligent life among the billions of planetary systems in our galaxy is high. Yet they hear deep silence. The consensus among scientists is that intelligent life and their techno-industrial development exhausts the available resources. The population then engages in mutual destruction in the struggle for the diminishing life-support. 

Our Earth is on that path! We are the last living generation having the option to change track to avoid that fate before the window of opportunity closes forever. During my life-long search for answers I put my thoughts into four books progressing toward the answers. In my fifth book Dear Billionaire: We can Save the World Now or Never, I offer answers and action plans to save ourselves and our beautiful planet Earth.

Creating a peaceful and sustainable future will not be simple, yet it is doable. My optimism is based on finding a hybrid socioeconomic solution to peaceful sustainability outside of politics. It is Transformative Societal Reconstruction in the Holigent (holistic-emergent) spirit that mimics nature's building and sustainability code as closely as humanly possible.

This is trans-generational work. Our job is to partner with nature (the Cosmic Constructor) and plant the seeds of the proposed Holigent solution for building a future of universal quality of life, global peace and systemic sustainability. Won't you be proud of yourself knowing you are a part of the generation that broke through the cosmic glass ceiling and made possible for humanity to survive and thrive on Earth for countless generations into the future. With that, you would put a smile on the face of the Cosmic Constructor.

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