Design your Holigent Yoga



A Holigent Yoga Program needs to have at least four components:

Physical exercise

    Indoor or outdoor: bending, stretching, pushups, lifting, cycling, jogging and any other physical exercise you can conveniently do.     

Mental exercise

   attention, brain speed, memory, people skills, navigation, and intelligence.

Spiritual exercise

    The core of your spiritual life is love. Appreciation of your life, love of family and friends; love of our planet and the natural world.

Activism program

    Physical, mental and spiritual exercises improve your interior by reducing stress and elevating happiness. Activism takes the process out into society. By doing all that you realize that you are not helpless in the face of existential challenges. This builds self-confidence and further elevated your happiness in a stressful world.

    Using social media, invite friends, family, neighbors and strangers to visit

Urge U.S. Congress to establish the Department of Homeland Reconstruction. Urge the United Nations and the European Union to support societal reconstruction experiments. Doing such activism you help reduce societal stress and move the world toward peaceful sustainability.  

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