A. Nicholas Frank


I was born into the Great Depression in Budapest, Hungary. My father was an attorney, writer, lecturer, and dreamer. He wrote about the direction of social evolution and need for the workers of Europe to unite – his early dream of a united Europe. I lost him to illness when I was four years old but got to know him well through the 1930s book manuscript he left behind. My mother’s devotion and heroic determination allowed my sister and me to survive the Holocaust and World War II. Near the end of the war my eight-year old self emerged from the bomb shelter hungry, filthy and full of lice; I looked around and saw my city bombed to rubble and asked: “Why would grownups destroy beautiful buildings and kill innocent people?” This became the engine driving my life-long search for answers.

Following the defeat of the Hungarian revolution by the Red Army in 1956, I escaped across the Iron Curtain from communist Hungary. After some years of living in Montreal, Canada, in 1963 I moved to Los Angeles, California. The many unanswered questions my mind collected as I grew up during those turbulent times of the mid-20th century prompted me in 1972 to begin a project to answer as many of life’s questions as I could.

From 1972 to 1985 I studied and experimented with stress to understand the neuroendocrine process and effects of stress on human behavior. While I learned a great deal, it became evident to me that there was something more important beyond the psychophysiology of stress that has a greater impact on individual behavior and the functioning of society. In the spring of 1985 I took my wife and two small children on a year-and-a-half thinking, writing, and camping tour of Europe.

Upon our return I retired from all commercial work, lived off of our investments and devoted the following twenty years to the search for a unified answer to personal, social, economic and environmental questions. Realizing that stress is merely a failure indicator of complex systems that are experiencing some degree of dysfunction, I turned my attention to understanding how socioeconomic systems work. For a long period of time I believed that the concept of synergy would shed light on that subject. However, when I realized that synergy does not fully explain the nature of complex emergent systems, and that synergy had come to be associated with corporate and commercial concerns, I felt the need to search for a more complete answer.

Over time the simple question of my eight-year old self has grown into a very complex problem. I realized that no compartmentalized answers are capable of solving the challenge of true sustainability. To overcome the high hurdle of entropy and achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability we must find a new organizing arrangement that is able to create all-in-one systemic synthesis. During the fourth decade of my search a unifying and satisfactory answer developed in the form of the Holigent (holistic-emergent) organizing concept, which is modeled after natural self-organization. Holistic-emergent evolutionary self-organization is in essence nature’s building code. It is the energetic primal self-organizing mechanism that enables simple parts and particles to come together and build our complex universe.

The Holigent socioeconomic self-organizing concept transforms the top-down, reductionist/compartmentalized and fragmentary institutional approach of our current socioeconomic system. The Holigent Solution can gradually reorganize our existing system to function more like robust and sustainable natural systems – to develop through self-organization from the nucleus out and roots up, and function in balanced reciprocity with all other parts of the manmade and natural life support system. I introduce and explore this concept in a book coauthored with Elisa Frank, The Holigent Solution. In a more recent edition under the title: Holigent RECONSTRUCT America, Europe, the World, I provide an action guide for societal innovation and reconstruction.

Currently I am fully engaged in promoting an action plan to build an experimental mixed-use, live/work, pedestrian compact urban village/campus with a hybrid economy and social contract to demonstrate the systemic synthesis that would achieve social, economic and environmental justice, quality and sustainability.

I live with my wife in Los Angeles, California. We have a son and a daughter. I work for Holigent Org full time at a salary of one dollar per year.


About our Organization

A. Nicholas Frank and Elisa Frank, a father and daughter team are the founders of Holigent Transition to Peace and Sustainability Org aka Holigent.Org, established in 2007 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles. 

We offer resources and guidance for redesigning and reconstructing the way we live, work, commute, consume, educate and govern ourselves (a community at a time) based on a hybrid socioeconomic arrangement that promotes social, economic and environmental justice, quality, and sustainability.

Our mission

is to make the Holigent (holistic-emergent) socioeconomic and environmental systemic sustainability concept and community retrofit and reconstruction guidelines widely available to individuals, organizations and institutions.


The Earth is a complex system in which humans are only one of numerous intricate and interconnected parts; however, we have had a disproportionate influence on its degradation. Subsequently, I think we have not only a responsibility but also an urgent necessity to devote ourselves to restoring a healthy and sustainable balance to this unique and diverse living system.

Presentations, Publications

International conference presentation on the fundamentals of the Holigent concept:

“The Consciousness Conundrum: what the evolution of the universe tells us about achieving sustainability on Earth.” February 7, 2013. XIX International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology. Canberra, Australia.



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Elisa Frank


I share my father’s passion for finding comprehensive and sustainable solutions to the most pressing social and environmental challenges we face locally and globally.

I received my BA in Geography/Environmental Studies with a minor in Spanish from UCLA and my MA in Geography with an emphasis on Human-environment Relations from UC Santa Barbara. I have studied, interned, worked, lived abroad and traveled extensively and have learned intimately and intensively about diverse cultures, politics, economies, people, and environments.


is coined from the two words: holistic and emergent. Holigent represents a systemic self-organizational concept similar to the one that drives natural evolution. Evolutionary self-organization is the essence of Nature's magic that created life on Earth from the inanimate and evolved the simple organic beginning to the complex and diverse living present.

The Holigent concept remembers that the multi-generational demand of millions of reproductive species places an infinite demand on the finite resources of Earth. Yet for billions of years, life has continued to thrive on our planet. Mother Nature made the impossible possible under one unforgiving rule: every individual member of all species makes their flesh, leavings and remains available as food and resource for some other organism, without waste.

On the other hand, humans make mountains and oceans of indigestible and toxic waste that no plant or animal can use. Mother Nature's punishment for such misdeeds is the termination of the offending species. This has been part of natural selection from the beginning. 

To avoid that fate, Holigent societal reconstruction wants to mimic Mother Nature's frugality rule by following the code of doing the essential most with the least of resources without waste.

The Holigent concept also remembers that all the parts of a living system must work together in the spirit of — "One for all and all for one, all at once." A society is a living system, therefore the social, economic and environmental parts must function in a collaborative manner not unlike the heart, lungs and all the organs of a healthy living individual.

We must keep in mind that failure to follow evolution's frugality and the collaboration mandates of "Nature's building code" to achieve systemic sustainability would result in the collapse and death of society. In other words, the reductionist, specialized and compartmentalized fixes around the edges of our business-as-usual fossil-fueled, techno-industrial consumerism will come to a catastrophic end sooner than we could comfortably contemplate.

Holigent societal reconstruction is an action program to rearrange the ways we live, work, commute, produce, consume, educate and govern ourselves in the interest of achieving social, economic and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability.

Please see Reconstruct to learn about Holigent societal reconstruction — building all green, live/work, cellular pedestrian communities with hybrid economies and social contracts. Such communities would provide continuity for participating businesses and quality of life security for residents even during recessionary times of the general/global economy. Holigent societal reconstruction is trans-generational continuous improvement toward zero carbon emission and minimal footprint on the environment. 

Holigent.Org is preparing for a Road Trip from Los Angeles to Washington, DC to inform and motivate lawmakers to establish a Department of Homeland Reconstruction and provide ongoing funding for Holigent Reconstruct America projects.

When private/public funds arrive, we are ready to construct a Holigent Campus in Los Angeles. The purpose of the Holigent Campus is to become a seed project that in time will grow into an international training facility and exposition. It will provide opportunites for willing and able individuals from all over the world to learn and become Holigent Solutioneers. They are to engage in hybrid/cellular societal reconstruction (one community at a time) — building a future of peaceful systemic sustainability.

Holigent enjoys trademark protection to preserve uncorrupted its nonprofit service for the common good.

We are fortunate to have Tibor on our team. As the European Director of the Holigent Project, Tibor will once again educate and direct students (of all ages) not merely to conform, but rather to create and build their new and hopeful future of peaceful systemic sustainability.

His assignment is to introduce the Holigent Reconstruct Europe Project in Budapest through playful open-air classes. From there the action oriented portable educational game will travel across Europe to raise awareness and prepare young people to move from protest to action, building their sustainable future.

Tibor lives in Budapest; he is married and has three sons.

Tibor Dienes

Director of the European Holigent Project

Tibor holds degrees in Management and Education. He has 25 years experience in educating, organizing and directing students and student organizations. His specialty is preparing young people for the real world of the workplace.

H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction