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Your ship is about to sink — CHANGE COURSE!

a) Capitalist consumerism places a limitless demand on the environment that is depleting our planet’s life support capacity, thus killing people and our planet.

b) Capitalist consumerism accelerates wealth inequality, which gives rise to extreme politics and violent social disorder.

Much of Earth will soon be too wet, too dry or too violent — unlivable. Global warming will disrupt food production and transportation, and will add millions of climate refugees to the existing desperate flow of political and economic migrants. This will uproot political order even in Europe and America.

In 1945 there was one nuclear power in the world (America) with two ready atom bombs — both dropped and detonated. Today the world has nine known nuclear powers with an estimated total of 16,000 nuclear weapons. Do the math in probabilities, and remember to factor in that the perceived winning option in a nuclear confrontation is first strike.

Know your BERGS

Planet Earth is a crowded place, occupied by an estimated 8.7 million species, each with billions of individual members. But from the sustainability point of view, the impact is far greater, because each generation is replaced by a new one. Over time a near infinite number of organisms demand life support from the finite resources of Earth — impossible to sustain. How is the impossible made possible? Mother Nature made sustained multigenerational life on our planet viable under one strict rule:

During their life and at death, each generation of all species returns to Earth reusable all the resources it consumed. In other words, every organism's leftovers and remains is fully another organism's resource. There is no room for waste.

Recently, on the evolutionary time scale, the human species came along with a bad habit: leaving behind mountains of indigestible and toxic waste that no other plant or animal can use. Mother Nature's punishment for such misbehavior is the termination of the offending species.

Change Course!

As Albert Einstein once said, A problem cannot be solved with the same mindset that created it. The solution to changing course lies far outside the business-as-usual box, and it must holistically involve every aspect of society. We need to assume that while the big human brain and its actions have outgrown the limits of planet Earth, it still might be the greatest problem-solving instrument in the known universe. So we need to understand that we are not looking for a scientific or technological solution — technology is already reinventing itself with dizzying speed — but rather an inventive societal solution that involves a hybrid political economy and a new form of democracy (which has not had a significant update since the ancient Greeks created it).

The Holigent Solution proposes imitating the rules of evolutionary self-organization to do the essential most with the least of resources without waste. This cannot be achieved within the existing techno-industrial capitalist-consumerist civilizational infrastructure. The solution for securing peaceful systemic sustainability for humanity requires a thorough rearrangement of the ways we live, work, commute, produce, consume, educate and govern ourselves.

Holigent societal reconstruction proposes to accomplish that starting with the following giant steps:

  1. 1.Establish an independent nonprofit NGO to organize the construction of an International Holigent Village that will demonstrate the proposed systemic sustainability solution.

  2. 2.The nonprofit NGO is to introduce the proposed systemic sustainability subject into the educational system and/or develop an independent educational network to teach and promote such societal reconstruction. This is to prepare the incoming generation to take control building their peaceful and sustainable future.

  3. 3.A forward-looking political party needs to enter into an informal alliance with the nonprofit NGO. The alliance will create a tandem movement to promote the creation of an experimental/educational International Holigent Village. The project will demonstrate to America, Europe and the world a new hybrid political economy that is able to secure social, economic and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability.

All the material on this website is at your disposal in pursuit of the above proposal.

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