The Long Revolution





Taking control of your future starts here.

Capitalist-consumerism is an unsustainable practice; it will come to its catastrophic end within your lifetime. Only you can change that dark scenario, because no one else will. The political system is busy with their myopic concern with the election cycles. And the business of generational cycles toward a sustainable future is abandoned by the educational system. That system is busy mass-producing captains and crew for sailing the ship of capitalism. They are blind to the inconvenient truth that our ship is on collision course with the big berg of natural reality.  

If your educational institution erects roadblocks against your on-campus activities promoting the Holigent Educational and Societal Reconstruction Movement, then take them to court to assert your right to have a say in constructing your future. Expose the tragic fact that educational institutions are conspiring to sustain, protect and promote capitalist consumerism that is killing people and our planet. This conspiracy constitutes a crime whose victims are your future and the future of humanity. If you connect those dots it becomes evident that your educational institution is part of the greatest organized crime ever perpetrated against humanity. 

In that case, mutiny is your only option! You must rise and take control of our big ship to steer it to a sustainable destination. This will be a gradual and peaceful transition to a hybrid systemic rearrangement of education and society. It is to replace the flawed remnants of Western civilization, better known as fossil-fueled techno-industrial capitalist-consumerism, which is a curse on humanity and a terminal attack on the life-support capacity of our planet.

My name is A. Nicholas Frank, I was born into the Great Depression, lived through the Nazi hunt for my life and World War II. I grew up in mindless and murderous Soviet communism and survived the bloody uprising of 1956 and my escape from communist Hungary across a minefield of the Iron Curtain.

Near the end of World War II, I emerged from a bomb shelter hungry, filthy and full of lice. Among the rubble of Budapest my eight-year-old self asked, “Why would grownups destroy a beautiful city and kill innocent people?” I devoted the past five decades of my life to searching for answers to this and many more questions concerning our collective future.

The word Holigent is coined from holistic-emergent — representing evolutionary self-organization that is the natural and, to our knowledge, the only truly sustainable self-organizing mechanism in the universe. Our proposed societal reconstruction follows the Holigent spirit to pursue and attain peaceful systemic sustainability.

The Long Holigent Revolution will take six giant steps. It all starts with planting the seeds of an idea, which can start here. How long will it take? This may take the rest of your life. For me, looking back across the past 50 years, I cannot imagine a more satisfying occupation than searching for true solutions. And I believe you will find no greater fulfillment than engaging in this mission of systemic reconstruction of education and society for the future of our planet.

Six Giant Steps to:

Holigent Reconstruct America

to achieve

Social, Economic and Environmental

Justice, Quality and Systemic Sustainability

Step 1.

Begin the discussions:

Organize discussion groups on campus and online to learn about Holigent Systemic Societal Reconstruction. You may use all the resources on this website.

Step 2.

Educate the educators:

Invite and include educators in the discussions, learning and teaching Systemic Societal Reconstruction.

Step 3.

Challenge the educational system:

Encourage your educational institution to build an experimental live/work educational campus — an all green, mixed-use, compact urban community with hybrid economy and social contracts. It is to be a model of cellular societal reconstruction to achieve economic, social and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability for all its residents.

Step 4.

Inform the billionaires:

Billionaire individuals and corporations already know that in a great socioeconomic collapse, they are the ones with the most to lose. They will be open to the idea that Holigent Systemic Societal Reconstruction can be part of their life and wealth preservation portfolio and therefore will be inclined to support it.

Step 5.

Challenge the political system:

In the United States: When Student Groups for Holigent Societal Reconstruction mature into a national network organize massive road trips from every part of America and assemble on the National Mall in Washington, DC. There, Protestors and Holigent Solutioneers unite to educate and convince lawmakers to establish a Department of Homeland Reconstruction. This would provide ongoing funding for Systemic Societal Reconstruction to build all green, mixed-use, live/work pedestrian compact urban communities with hybrid economies and social contracts to promote and secure economic, social and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability.

In Europe: An action plan similar to the one proposed for the US but adapted for Europe may pursue national governments as well as approach EU for funding.


Step 6.

Holigent Reconstruct America, Europe, the World:

There is no fence tall enough or moat wide enough to keep trouble out and isolated on our conflicted and nuclear-armed planet. Use social media (your organizing power tool) to reach out and encourage students in Europe and around the world to organize their own discussion groups and to take the Giant Steps toward taking control of their future.