Organize with MOSS

Massive Open Socioeconomic Self-organization

Do what works

Avoid what doesn’t

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The Alliance to Reconstruct America


Organize for the next Election

Prepare for the next Recession

Organize with MOSS

Massive Open Socioeconomic Self-organization

All living things have a life expectancy; societal organizing "isms" are no exception. Tribalism, feudalism and the rest had their turn along the path of social evolution. The last big one, Soviet communism, lived 79 years before dying a "natural" death in 1991. (May it rest in peace.) Capitalism has been around for centuries through the ages of agriculture and commerce, and it matured during the industrial epoch. It is now in its old age approaching the end of its life.

What separates the 21st century from earlier times is that no successor is waiting to replace capitalism with a self-organizing capacity capable of ensuring that civilization continues with sustainable socioeconomic order. The consequences of such a vacuum will be global financial collapse accompanied by violent protests, civil wars, terror warfare and ultimately nuclear world war.

Holigent Reconstruct America is proposing a sustainable socioeconomic cellular self-organizational system to succeed capitalism –– not by revolution but rather by a gradual cellular reconstruction and rearrangement of the way we live, work, commute, consume, educate and govern ourselves. The proposed societal transition, however, is so significantly (radically) outside the comfort zone of politicians that its actualization is not expected during business-as-usual "normal" times.

This proposal, therefore, is an action plan and preparation aimed for an appropriate historical moment. Such an historical opportunity will arrive with the next severe economic downturn (perhaps a Great Recession 2.0) that may coincide with the end of capitalism. Similar historic moments arrived with the Great Depression during the 1930s, when circumstances were ripe for Congress and FDR to enact unconventional landmark legislations.

As a first step, Holigent Reconstruct America is proposing the self-development of individuals and organizations to become SOLUTIONEERS by studying the Holigent Reconstruct America concept. When ready, Holigent Solutioneers are to make alliances with protestors (such as the Occupy Movement) and then organize their cell of The Alliance to Reconstruct America (TARA).

We know that protest alone is like a vise with one jaw –– it has no grip. The power in The Alliance to Reconstruct America is that protestors and solutioneers together can put Congress into their collective grip, and with both sticks and carrots persuade our representatives to do the right thing.

The right thing for Congress to do is to establish the Department of Homeland Reconstruction. The Department then funds the construction of experimental/demonstration Holigent Communities. When satisfactory models are constructed, they will demonstrate the capacity of Holigent Reconstruct America projects to secure social, economic and environmental justice, quality and sustainability for its participants. Following that, the Department of Homeland Reconstruction will provide budgets for ongoing funding.

A national Holigent Reconstruct America program would create millions of jobs, secure quality of life while reducing the burden on governments and leave a legacy of low-carbon, self-maintained, affordable, secure, and sustainable communities across America.

Do the Math

Individuals that make up the “99%” of society may not have the wealth, but they have the numbers on their side. Making their numbers an effective force for the proposed societal renewal will take a new kind of organization. Here is how to begin: Recommend to at least two friends to learn about the Holigent Solution and “Connect the Dots” and ask each to recommend it to at least two others. So it starts with you. In the second turn there will be 2, in the third turn there will be 4, then 8, then 16, and so on. By the 32nd turn there could be over 4 billion people exposed to the Holigent societal transformation concept. Only a fraction of that is needed to make Massive Open Socioeconomic Self-organization (MOSS) work.

Do what works

avoid what doesn’t

What doesn’t Work

The history of revolutions are dismal, they are better at tearing down existing systems than building anything substantially better. The Bolshevik Revolution is a good illustration of that point. The Arab Spring is another, which would more appropriately be called the Arab nightmare.

Former Vice President Al Gore presented well-documented evidence about climate change to Congressional committees. While his Nobel Prize-awarded work on the environment and Oscar winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth moved millions of people; Congress failed to be moved. We can’t help but take home a lesson that neither idealism nor scientific reasoning can move Congress with sufficient speed.

The Occupy Movement protested mostly peacefully across the U.S. and around the world. Yet, it could not significantly change the system.  Another lesson we learned is that protest movements cannot penetrate and change the system and the system is incapable of changing itself.

We are very good at protest. After all from the moment of birth as babies we cry in protest when feeling discomfort. But whereas mothers are wired to respond with food and comfort, Congress and political systems in general are not equipped with such natural inclination. Thus we must be very clear about the fact that protests alone will not achieve the massive change proposed by the Holigent Reconstruct America to build a livable future.

The current political reality is such that voters vote only on election days while special interests push their “votes” every day along the lobbies of Congress. The raw reality is that citizens cast away their votes on election days and become largely powerless. As we come to the realization that the traditions of democracy no longer work, we ask, what does work in our current reality?

What Works

in the U.S.

The Iron Triangle Works

The Iron Triangle, in political terms, is a three-way relationship between special interest, Congress, and the appropriate department that allocates federal funding. We look at the most successful alliances working the system the way the system works. We must pause and study the military industrial legislative complex (MILC) that received between $600 and $700 billion in recent years from the federal budget. The military industry, Congress, and the Department of Defense form an Iron Triangle. No doubt MILC has a convincing mission of “defend America”. It also has a shrewd strategy: spread military contracts to every state. Consequently representatives from both parties of every state have an interest in voting for job-providing military budgets every year.

    The iron triangle works successfully to provide subsidies from agriculture to pharmaceuticals and beyond at varying extent for many special interests.

Societal systemic sustainability is to be pursued not by political change, but rather by Holigent development, one community at a time. Thus the proposed societal renewal requires the construction of Holigent compact urban villages or the retrofitting of existing communities. The development could be funded privately, publicly or by private-public collaboration. Private funding will be the privilege of the wealthy members of society. Public funding may come about as politicians recognize the need for public investment in socioeconomic innovation in the example of the historically successful public investment in space exploration that was the incubator of today’s high technology.

This proposal introduces ways by which individuals of any means can initiate and participate in the Holigent societal innovation/reconstruction projects. Use MOSS (Massive Open Socioeconomic Self-organization) as a power tool to organize the “99%” creating effective alliances to work the system the way the system works.

The proposed societal innovation and reconstruction is nonpolitical –– it could create much-needed centers of socioeconomic stability in nondemocratic systems as well. In time, the Holigent Solution will reduce individual and collective socioeconomic stress and secure universal quality of life, peace and systemic sustainability.

Build TARA

The Alliance to Reconstruct America

Here is How

Create The Alliance to Reconstruct America. It is your special interest group to work the system the way the system works. The Alliance is organized in the model of Massive Open Socioeconomic Self-organization (MOSS), a cellular organizing system (not a centralized or vertical chain of command). You can start your own cell or join an existing one. Use social media, your personal power tool, to recruit and organize for action.

Cells of the Alliance

Any self-motivated individual can create a Cell of the Alliance. Start with friends and family, then recruit organizations, movements, and others. You can be as small or as large as you like. And you can also be ambitious and set up and prepare your nonprofit organization to qualify for federal funding when the time comes.

Start or join a cell of TARA 

The Alliance to Reconstruct America

From Alliance to Action

Stages of Preparation

First Stage

Build The Alliance to Reconstruct America to work the political system that in time will facilitate federal funding.

First stage self-organization is to be driven by (as in nature) self-interest. It is in the self-interest of every participating individual, social entrepreneur, and organization to create, join, promote and collaborate to build the Alliance. Only a large and influential Alliance will be able to work the levers of Congress to facilitate federal funding.

  1. a)  Announce the formation of your cell/chapter of The Alliance to Reconstruct America. Sign up as many members as you possibly can. Encourage your members to participate in Holigent discussions or self-education to better understand the purpose and mission.

  2. b) Manage your chapter and keep your members informed about the    

      status and activities of the Alliance.

  1. c)  Communicate and collaborate with other cells and chapters through 

      social media to grow and strengthen the Alliance.

d)    When the Alliance reaches the necessary size and influence, mobilize       the members of your chapter to lobby Congress to fund Holigent Reconstruct America projects through the Department of Housing and Urban Development or preferably through a new Department of Homeland Reconstruction enabling sufficiently prepared nongovernmental organizations to qualify for reconstruction funds. 

Second Stage

Educational institutions, social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations prepare themselves to qualify and apply for federal funding and become developers and builders of Holigent Communities when funds become available.

Once funded, developers are free, within the variability of the Holigent sustainability spirit to build their version of a Holigent Community. The different interpretations thus achieved will provide the variety and diversity necessary for continuous improvement (evolution) of the Holigent model toward systemic social, economic, and environmental justice, quality, and sustainability.

a)    Form your 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and thoroughly prepare an application to qualify for federal funding (when the time comes) for the construction of your organization’s Holigent Community.

b)    When funds arrive, develop plans and contract to build your organization’s Holigent Village.

Third Stage

Successful developers become nonprofit managers of Holigent Communities and nurture the expansion of such development from local to national to global scale.

At this stage the most sophisticated aspect of self-organization becomes active: self-improvement in conjunction with collaboration to serve the common-interest. In other words build, protect, and improve your community while at the same time fully collaborating with other Holigent Communities to serve the larger goal of Reconstruct America.

Each fully formed and functioning Holigent Community will do its best to attract companies to set up businesses and their employees as tenants to live and work in the community. The competition for tenants among communities is an important part of continuous improvement and selection toward a more resilient and sustainable Holigent Solution. 

a)    When your organization’s Holigent Community is built and approved for occupancy, you are ready to lease commercial and residential spaces and units to businesses setting up operations and their employees that will live and work in the community.

b)    You develop your organization’s version of the Delta Plan (lease and social contract) –– a three-way agreement between resident employers, participating employees, and your nonprofit management organization.

c)    Your Board of Directors develops a budget that allocates rental income as well as human resource income (derived from community service) to new construction, maintenance, education, social services, outreach and other essentials to serve social, economic, and environmental justice, quality, and sustainability.


Organize for the next Election,

Prepare for the next Recession

Organize for the next Election

The purpose of The Alliance to Reconstruct America (TARA) is not to overthrow the existing system but rather to work the system the way the system works in the interest of advancing the Holigent Reconstruct America concept and project.

Consequently, every two years TARA can organize to help elect representatives who support the Holigent Reconstruct America project and promise to work for the establishment of the Department of Homeland Reconstruction.

During presidential election cycles (every four years), members of TARA will vote for the candidate who strongly supports or runs on the platform of Holigent Reconstruct America in the interest of achieving social, economic and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability.

Note: It is conceivable that some large special interests such as the fossil fuel industry or the military industrial complex will feel threatened by the Holigent Project. Be on guard for anyone promoting "Reconstruct America" divorced from the Holigent spirit and program of social renewal. Such generic claims can be corrupted and used in attempts to discredit or harm TARA and the Holigent Movement. Anticipating such harmful attempts is the reason why the word Holigent has obtained trademark protection to preserve its nonprofit dedication to social renewal and to promote the common good.   

Prepare for the next Recession

When the next recession arrives it will be our natural impulse to march, occupy and protest –– we've been there, done that.

As the world succumbs to entropy and becomes more disordered, dysfunctional and dangerous, our options narrow. We either come up with a smart solution in a hurry or become victims of economic and social collapse. The smart move is to become a Holigent Solutioneer.

Study the material on this site so that you understand the nuts and bolts of the proposed hybrid socioeconomic solution. Join the Holigent Road Trip to gain hands-on experience in organizing for societal reconstruction.

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