Open Letter

Mr. President, Members of Congress,

Twice in the 20th century, high global collective socioeconomic stress led to flash points that resulted in world wars. In these opening decades of the 21st century global friction and stress are already high and rising. Consider that in 1945 there was one nuclear power in the world with two ready atom bombs, both dropped and detonated. Today the world has nine known nuclear powers with an estimated 16,000 nuclear weapons. Do the math on probabilities and remember to factor in that the perceived winning option in a nuclear confrontation is first strike. I fear for my children and yours.

We are a deeply flawed species with an evolutionary legacy of aggression, a deep-seated impulse, believing that war is the solution for economic and socio-political failures. On another track, humanity's wastefulness is leading to the exhaustion of our planet's life-support capacity. On both tracks humanity is speeding toward its self-destruction. Holigent Reconstruct America is my proposal to urgently switch track to a bright and hopeful future.

It was the spring of 1945 when near the end of World War II, I emerged from the bomb shelter — hungry, filthy and full of lice –– to see Budapest bombed to rubbles. My eight-year-old self asked: Why would grownups destroy beautiful buildings and kill innocent people? All my life I have been searching to answer these questions. A singular focus on the subject during the past four decades helped me to inch toward a satisfactory answer.

The proposed Holigent Reconstruct America, like America's space program, is also an exploration and discovery. The challenge of our living generation is to implement long overdue societal innovation to secure a peaceful and sustainable future. I ask you to join the ranks of "solutioneers" and be part of an extraordinary act of Congress establishing the Department of Homeland Reconstruction to fund Holigent Reconstruct America Programs. You can find a summary of the Holigent proposal in the book:

Holigent RECONSTRUCT America, Europe, the World.

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A. Nicholas Frank

Founder and CEO


Los Angeles, California



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