Open Letter

                                                           Open Letter — 2018

Mr. President,  Members of Congress,  Governors,  Mayors

The Holigent Reconstruct America program (one community at a time) can begin in the cities and expand across states, nurtured by Mayors and Governors. On the national scale the program would create massive numbers of jobs, move the U.S. toward energy independence and balanced budgets, sharpen America’s competitive edge,  create economic security, reduce the burden on governments, and provide quality of life at a sustainable rate of consumption and minimal carbon footprint for Americans.

When I emerged from the bomb shelter near the end of Word War II in Budapest, amidst the rubble, my eight-year-old-self asked, "Why would grownups destroy beautiful buildings and kill innocent people?" I devoted much of my life to searching for answers. During the past forty years I placed a particular focus on understanding the connections between socioeconomic stress and collective human behavior. The connections speak about the increasing disorder in the world, the depletion of our planet's life support capacity and the rising probability of nuclear war.

In my life I experienced both extremes of Western bipolar political choices — fascism on the right and communism on the left. In 1956 I escaped Soviet occupied communist Hungary. Later, along with many others, I took satisfaction in the collapse of Soviet communism and the “victory” of democracy and capitalism.

More recently, however, we are discovering with regret that capitalism and democracy are failing to provide essential quality of life and economic security for large segments of humanity in the United States and beyond. It is also discouraging to find that the tipping point between left and right excludes the possibility of enduring political balance in the center.

Another deep concern is that humanity's wastefulness is leading to the exhaustion of our planet's life-support capacity. The underlying current of unforgiving entropy is making our world more disordered, dysfunctional and dangerous. There is no political or technological solution for that.

We are 7 billion misfits with do-as-I-please free will breaking Mother Nature's rules on this planet. Our evolutionary legacy of aggressive impulse compels us, again and again, to attempt to solve socio-political failures with war.

Indeed, twice in the 20th century, high global collective socioeconomic stress led to flash points that ignited world wars. In these opening decades of the 21st century global geopolitical stress and friction are rising again.

Consider that in 1945 there was one nuclear power in the world with two ready atom bombs, both dropped and detonated. Today the world has nine known nuclear powers with an estimated 16,000 nuclear weapons. Please do the math on probabilities and remember to factor in that the perceived winning option in a nuclear confrontation is first strike — I fear for my children and yours.

It is not difficult to see dark clouds gathering on the horizon. When in convergence that social, political, economic and environmental super storm arrives it will leave behind devastation and a wreckage of civilization.

This brings up an urgent question. "Why is it that the greatest problem solvers in the known universe with countless brilliant minds credentialed by higher educational institutions are unable to answer humanity's existential challenge: Creating universal quality of life, peace and systemic sustainability on our abundantly habitable planet?" 

We recognize that the only truly sustainable organizing system on Earth as in the Universe is natural evolutionary self-organization. It is the process that propelled cosmic and biological evolutionary construction from the simple and homogeneous to the complex and diverse. It seems the answer to our existential question will have to come from outside established concepts and institutions.

In that spirit, Holigent Reconstruct America proposes cellular societal reconstruction. It is to begin with an experimental project to demonstrate how an all green, mixed-use, live/work, pedestrian, compact urban village with hybrid economy and social contracts would secure economic, social and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability for all its participants even during severe downturns of the general/global economy.

As our world drifts toward the dark scenarios, the Holigent Proposal will serve not only as a pacifier of the disillusioned and angry but also as a beacon calling on all to direct their energies toward a well-reasoned non-political socioeconomic experiment away from business as usual toward systemic solutions in societal reconstruction.

Such solution would secure employment, housing and quality of life for its residents. When the successful experiment is replicated and expanded to national scale, collective socioeconomic stress would remain dormant. When in time such societal reconstruction is seeded and nurtured around the world, global peace and true sustainability would open the possibility for all humanity to survive and thrive on this rare and breathtakingly beautiful planet Earth.

The first step of the proposed Holigent Reconstruct America, like America's space program, is intended to be an exploration and discovery. Developing such cellular societal reconstruction would make America a pioneer in offering socioeconomic innovation that other nations could take home and make it their own.

Ours likely is the last living generation having the option to do this work — bravely leap ahead implementing long overdue societal innovation to secure a peaceful and sustainable future for our world.

I ask you to join the ranks of "solutioneers" and be the mover of an extraordinary societal experiment and innovation in your city and across your state. Be fearless in Washington DC to step outside conventional comfort zones as did congress and FDR showed us it can be done in the Great Depression during the 1930s.

The challenges facing the US and the world in these early decades of the 21st century perhaps are even greater. So move bravely promoting an act of Congress establishing the Department of Homeland Reconstruction to fund Holigent Reconstruct America Projects. A national Holigent systemic societal reconstruction program would be a game changer in this dangerous world. Over time the program would be seeded in communities around the world that would help reduce global collective socioeconomic stress, lowering the probabilities for war, leave a legacy of self-maintained, affordable, secure, sustainable and healthful communities across America and beyond.


A. Nicholas Frank

Founder and CEO


Los Angeles, California   


P.S. You may learn more about the proposed societal reconstruction in the book: Holigent RECONSTRUCT AMERICA, Europe, the World — available from

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