Europe and America, Consider this:

You may have noticed that the world is falling apart. It has done that before, so how is the disintegration of our world today different from earlier ones? The difference is not in the cause; the same fundamental forces are driving today’s disintegration. The new scenario is that the 21st-century world appears to be entering the old age of human civilization –– a terminal phase, a kind of end-run. Here is where we have to reach into the domain of thermodynamics and pick out a dirty words –– entropy. For the benefit of the uninformed, we will stay outside of science and this side of common sense in shedding light on this subject.

The easiest way to understand this is to remind ourselves that there is one set of rules that applies across the universe, and Earth is no exception. What is strange on our planet is that we have 7 billion do-as-I-please free-willed individuals making nearly as many different rules and wasteful choices. Mother nature will not permit that. She will send out her terminator (no not Arnold) –– entropy and put an end to all our nonsense.

When you leave an apple on the counter long enough, it rots –– its inner self-organizational process stopped at which time entropy takes over. Entropy is an ever-present, invisible, un-escapable and unforgiving process of nature that disassembles all systems, animate or inanimate that fail to obey Mother Nature's building code.

So what is Mother Nature's building code? Simply said it is evolutionary self-organization. It is the holistic-emergent process –– an inherent potential in all matter that allows parts and particles to come together and drive the upward mobility of cosmic and biological evolution from the simple and homogeneous to the complex and diverse. The rules are strict and unforgiving. That is no problem for inanimate matter because atoms and molecules, for the most part, behave well and don't talk beck. Humans are a whole other matter.

We can compress the intricate set of rules into a long sentence to capture its essence for human application: "Do the essential most with the least of resources in building societal systems that are in fully reciprocating arrangement with all their internal parts and external support environment." If this is a bit complicated than we can simplify it by understanding that every successful system, animate or inanimate in nature, has an inner self-organizational capacity that is commensurate with the system's complexity (enough glue to hold all the parts together). When self-organizing capacity fails to keep up with ever-growing complexity –– entropy will take the system down. Once again, entropy is nature's demolition crew and recycler (in science, it belongs to the domain of thermodynamics).

It is the currents of entropy deep below the surface of politics that undermines the structures of society and makes the world increasingly disordered, dysfunctional and dangerous. Be sure to understand that it makes no difference how liberal or how conservative the politics are. No existing political system of any shade or color has the capacity to fix the existential challenge of humanity.

The fact is that not only our global fossil-fueled techno-industrial, capitalist, consumerist sprawl is way-way outside the rules of systemic sustainability, but also fundamental societal organizing concepts are deeply flawed. Consequently, at business as usual,  human civilization and even habitation of this planet will come to its end perhaps sooner than most of us could comfortably contemplate.  When you connect all the dots, collapse will seem unavoidable unless we do something smart and do it fast while the window of opportunity for reconstruction is open. The inconvenient aspect of this matter is that the deeper you analyze this conclusion the more undeniable it gets. Let's remember that our focus here is societal disintegration. Environmental disintegration and the potential collapse of Earth's life support capacity is another chapter of the same book. Our proposed systemic solution includes the environmental challenge as well.

Nothing in human history beyond our hunter–gatherer stage offers anything useful and applicable to help solve our present challenge. The proposed solution is to return to Mother Nature's rule (that in principle, is simple). Humans, however, have the capacity to complicate simple things. A major part of human complication is denial of inconvenient truths. Remember the Titanic? Many refused to believe that the ship was sinking even after the captain announced that the ship would indeed sink. Some fifteen hundred souls went down with it.

The point of this argument is that as individuals we need to bravely leap out of our false comfort zones because governments and institutions have no clue how to save lives, wealth, nations, civilization and our planet. Albert Einstein summed it up by saying: "A problem cannot be solved by the same mindset that created it."

The Holigent Solution follows the natural model as closely as humanly practical. Europe and America need to pioneer Holigent Societal Reconstruction (one community at a time) then share it with the world.

Humanity's existential challenge is to create a societal system that can secure social, economic and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability. So, tinkering with existing systems of political economies anywhere in the world will not even come close to answer our existential challenge. All such attempts amount to a critical waste of precious time while entropy continues its demolition work. For that reason nothing less will do than a systemic reconstruction of every aspect of society in the ways we live, work, produce, consume, commute, educate and govern ourselves.

In the United States this will require an act of Congress to establish the Department of Homeland Reconstruction to provide continuous funding for Holigent Reconstruct America projects. In Europe, while national governments can take the lead, EU needs to institutionalize large-scale support for Holigent Reconstruct Europe projects. When Europe and America pioneer and perfect the societal reconstruction process that can secure universal quality of life, peace and systemic sustainability they will share their experience and will support similar projects around the world.   


Holigent Reconstruct Europe



A Holigent International Village

This is an outline in broad strokes of a proposal to make Europe the nursery of socioeconomic stability, world peace and systemic sustainability. We hope to start a conversation among students, educators, social innovators, wealthy individuals and politicians who hold the success of a peaceful Europe close to their heart.

The subject of the conversation is the creation of an experimental, teaching and demonstration all green, mixed-use, live/work pedestrian compact urban village with a hybrid economy and social contract. We suggest that such a community be constructed and managed by a nongovernmental/nonprofit organization in the spirit of the Holigent Concept. When successful many more of such communities to be constructed across Europe and beyond. 

The suggested location is near the center of the continent in proximity to Budapest. There is a double purpose to this proposed project; one is to develop a flexible socioeconomic arrangement that would comfortably fit all EU members regardless of size, geography, history, productivity and temperament. This is predicated on the understanding that the EU's present one-size “suit” of political economy does not fit all, and that leads to friction and fragmentation.

The other purpose is to demonstrate to Russia that the proposed Holigent societal innovation is none-political. Such developments in Ukraine and in Russia can create true socioeconomic stability and security at a fraction of the price compared to westward expansion and its risk of collision with NATO and the US.

We are looking for a few brave individuals unafraid to step outside their respective traditions and comfort zones and begin a conversation about the proposed hybrid societal innovation for peaceful systemic sustainability for the European Union and beyond.

The essence of Holigent Reconstruct Europe is very similar to the Holigent Reconstruct America proposal. Please learn more about the Holigent concept on this website and from the book — Holigent Reconstruct America, Europe, the World.

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