Mr. President, Members of Congress,

A national Holigent Reconstruct America program would create large numbers of jobs, move the U.S. toward economic strength, foster fossil fuel independence, reduce the burden on government, and leave a legacy of low-carbon, self-maintained, affordable, secure, and sustainable communities across America.

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Reconstruct America 
Socioeconomic Innovation and Rearrangement
one community at a time to achieve
Universal Quality of Life, Peace and Systemic Sustainability

an action proposal

Connect the Dots for Societal

Innovation and Reconstruction

There is a pervasive threat lurking all around us that hardly anybody talks about in any meaningful way: Disconnect. Our culture of disconnect is the greatest and most immediate threat to life, wealth and civilization. There will be no separate solution for the environment, or for the economy or for sociopolitical order or for peace. All are pillars and critical parts of our bridge to the future; if any one part fails our bridge will fall. It is humanity’s existential challenge to connect the dots for systemic solution to survive and thrive.

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Reconstruct the European Union

Twice in the 20th century Europe was the flash points of world wars. On the top of our 21st century agenda is preparing Europe to become the nursery of world peace and systemic sustainability.

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Reconstruct Giving –– “a giant leap for mankind”

I have great admiration for the wealthy individuals who give their time and treasure to improve the lives of the less fortunate. I have considered doing that (in my very limited ways) but a nagging thought intruded. If I saved the lives of poor, sick and suffering children in the Middle East, Africa or elsewhere by providing food and medicine, but without securing a just and peaceful society; What will happen to them?  Will they become refugees or terrorists?

Please see:   The Seed Project

Activists, Protestors and Solutioneers

Prepare for Action

Protest alone is like a vise with one jaw. Holigent Solutioneers and protestors form The Alliance to Reconstruct America (TARA) and have your action plan ready to save yourself, your community and country from loss and suffering caused by the next severe economic downturn.

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If I had any trust in leaders and governments, it was shattered when I emerged from the bomb shelter at the end of Word War II.  Amidst the rubble my eight-year-old-self asked, "Why would grownups destroy beautiful buildings and kill innocent people?" 

I devoted much of my life to the search for answers. During the past forty years I placed a particular focus on understanding the connections between socioeconomic stress and collective human behavior.

The connections speak of inconvenient truths about the increasing disorder in the world, the depletion of our planet's life support capacity and about the rising probability of nuclear war. They tell you that no government or institution has the capacity to secure your future. Only you can build a new and truly sustainable society. This responsibility cannot be delegated or entrusted to any priest, politician or president. Your mission is to become the new foundation for a peaceful and thriving civilization.

Your action plan is to build, test and demonstrate self-organized and self-replicating live/work pedestrian cellular communities with hybrid economies and social contracts that will secure quality of life and true sustainability for their residents. You are the pivotal and last living generation who has the option to do this work. The existential challenge of our age is your puzzle to solve. Be a shining beacon for a 21st century renaissance of your world. Become a Holigent Solutioneer and build a better bridge to your future of social, economic and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability.

Organize for action to reconstruct America. You may use all the material on this website in pursuit of not-for-profit work in the Holigent spirit of building a better world.

A. Nicholas Frank

Founder and CEO



The good news is that the future is yours. But, there is a catch: The existing bridge will not take you there, because the social, political, economic and environmental pillars are crumbling. No government or institution has a clue how to fix them. The challenge of your life is to build a better bridge to your future of universal quality of life, peace and systemic sustainability. 

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The Holigent Helix

The "Holigent Helix", a 5" dia. x 7 feet tall plastic column will temporarily appear over the 6 inch "no jurisdiction" center of the Monument to FreeSpeech on Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley. It serves as an experiment and urgent search for peaceful systemic solutions to secure our future.  At minimum we want to see the response and level of interest in developing a conversation about societal innovation and reconstruction. We intend to share the results of our research with anyone interested in this project.

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